The Truman Show(1998)

Movie overview:

Truman show a  movies with talented actors and big director. I’m telling you if you like guessing what next in a movie, you definitely need to watch this movie, I’m a movie addictor, I’m only going to watch the best movie I can find on the internet, either great actors or great directors, and this movie has both. Jim Carrey is one, Andrew Niccol is the other. You probably know who is Jim Carrey. Andrew Niccol is the director and writer of the best Sci-fi film: Gattaca, and the Oscar winning film about war: Lords Of War with Nicolas Cage.


Truman Brubank lives happily in a small, peaceful and beautiful town called Seahaven. He has a quite good job, a nice wife, and basically a happy life, until he starts to suspect that his life is a fake.

The town Seahaven is really an extremely big filmstudio (the Great wall of China and this dome are the only things that can be seen from space), full of cameras, in which the world’s most famous reality show, The Truman Show is recorded and broadcasted to the entire world.
The main character is Truman, who doesn’t know about that; everybody else are stunts and actors.
Truman was adopted by the film company right after his birth, they raised him with false parents, and since Seahaven is surrounded by water and they don’t want Truman to get off the island, they managed to make him hydrophobic by drowning his ‘father’.

One day mysterious things start to happen – a big lamp falls from the sky; Truman hears on the radio that his actions are being reported; a total stranger calls him by his name; he sees actors change dress in a bank etc.

Then he desperatedly wants to break out from Seahaven, but he is very well guarded.

Review on the movie:

I just watch the movie minute ago and you know what: IT”S FANTASTIC. If you watch Gatacca before, you definitely have to watch this film. This film has a perfect setting from the beginning that doesn’t let us know, he’s in a movie( if you not that good in filming, or doesn’t see the tralier and the cover). And then  it started to give you small clue time by time to show you that he’s in a movie, and then at last they let us know immediately: “this is a movie”. The good thing about this movie is, they teach us the value of people around you, sometime they mean, sometime they good, and sometime they could get a little bit crazy at you, but they are true. In Truman world, they all treat Truman like their boss, never want to mean to him, never yell at him, and we know that in real life that’s not going to happen. What bring this movie to life is, it’s really impact on people, may be the some audiences will think that they are set up for a movie. I think that as well, but I know it’s not. The bad thing about this movie is it will not happen in your life . Take a look at your life as an example. you will probably have the time the you’re sneaking around and try to find something out. I’m good at acting so I’m going to say that you cannot act all the time. You watch TV all the time, you play with friends, you do a lot of thing that I’m sure you will realise that it’s fake or not. YOU”RE NOT THAT STUPID. The opening and the ending of it is brilliant, some time an interesting opening and ending is the character has his own modo, and Truman modo is:  “Good morning! In case I don’t see ya< good afternoon, good evening and goodnight”. Modo can really effect people, either they love it or really hate it, it build a special personality for the main character. In the beginning he say his modo to open the film and in the he repeat his modo again to close out the film, which I thing the best film technique ever. If you haven’t watch this movie until you’re dead, YOUR LIFE IS WASTE.

MY RATE: 8.7


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