Movie overview:

I look at this cover and somehow I like it. The colors make people feel really cool(as in temperature) and we can guess it will be about genetic, clearly because the genetic”thing” across one of the characters face.  By looking at the filming crew, I can see Andrew Niccol, which is a very famous director, also Ethan Hawke is a brilliant actor, which you see him a lot of him now.  I would say this is the film that make him famous. Uma Thurman, She act as “Kill Bill” in the movie call “Kill Bill”(which may be the best female fighter of all time), and Jude Law, made famous by a historic movie call “Wilde” at the same year and his hollywood appearance go up like a NASA rocket.

Plot overview:

Gattaca Corp. is an aerospace firm in the future. During this time society analyzes your DNA and determines where you belong in life. Ethan Hawke’s character was born with a congenital heart condition which would cast him out of getting a chance to travel in space. So in turn he assumes the identity of an athlete who has genes that would allow him to achieve his dream of space travel.

Movie review:

  The movie is just basically great! A very creative Sci-fi movie made famous by Andrew Niccol. The movie evolved around a man who desperately want to go to space, but he can’t because of his weak anatomy. The reason why this movie is so interesting is the audiences will want to know that, can Vincent(protagonist) achieve his dream. Because mostly everything is in his way, it’s like a bunch of strings that stuck together. The setting are beautiful, if you watch the movie you will see many interesting thing, mostly it’s in the future. The choose of background props and colors really bring out the story. The audiences can see that, the people in the background are buff and strong, tall and fit, where Vincent is a really weak person, who can do nothing, that really bring out his hard-working personality . The reason why he can go to the facility is because of the help of Eugene play by Jude Law. Eugene is currently disable, Eugene genetic is very strong, which he really doesn’t care that much, so he swap his identity with Vincent. Every single day they test bloods, pee, mostly everything, they don’t let a weak genetic person to work in the facility as a space traveller to build a new planet, because the Earth is pretty much ended in te movie. Everyday, Vincent has to fake his pee and bloods, he has to clear out all of his dead skins, fake heart rates, fakes eyes using contact lense, almost everything on his body is fake. The facility are pretty strict, they clean the wall, floor, ceiling… everything is pretty much check in the facility. One day they found a worker got murdered, Vincent stand by and look, unfortunately when he blink hs eyes, one of this eyes lashes fall off. The got the eyelashes in their vacuum, and when they check it they see a weak genetic person, so they suspect that the weak genetic person kill the worker for some reason, which bring the story to the climax. The interesting thong s Vincent has a brother, and he’s a strong genetic one, he work at the facility as a supervisor. Throughout the story, Vincent and his brother don’t really meet each other since Vincent’s brother join the Gattaca corporation. The facility sent people out to find Vincent like wolves hunt for prays. Vincent’s brother realises that it was Vincent when he saw the identity picture of him in the facility, but he just not sure who is it in the facility. this can really makes the story really interesting because we just didn’t know, whether, Vincent’s brother is going to protect Vincent or not. Uma Thurman act as a woman who work as an undercover supervisor that work with the space traveller. She developes relationship with the workers so she can find out more about the workers so they can get busted for cheating. Vincent are really careful so she cannot really bust him, in fact they grow strong relationship with each other (A.K.A in love). With exciting, and a lot of turning points this might be the best science fiction movie ever made. This movie have a lot of saying so sometime people don’t like it much.



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