Movie overview:

I look at this movie and I’m going and I can guess right away that this is going to be a great movie, 9 academy awards winner is not going to be bad. Gandhi is the most famous hero on the world, and this movie is talking about his life, a life of the biggest hero for Indians, also it’s play by Ben Kingsley which is an American man playing an Indian man, this is interesting. So let see what 9 academy awards winner movie can bring to us!

Plot overview:

Biography of Mahatma Gandhi, the lawyer who became the famed leader of the Indian revolts against the British through his philosophy of non-violent protest.

Movie review:

The movie is great; I never see a biographic movie that is better than this movie. The plot is consistent, well construct because it is base off a real story. The movie starts off with the final scene because everybody pretty much knows that Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a fanatic person. It’s like a reminder: “Gandhi was shot on the podium by a fanatic religious Muslim” The movie is just basically showing the people the greatest heroes ever live in India. Everything in this movie is base of the book call “The life of Mahatma Gandhi”. Before I started review this movie, I will say to you, that if you don’t like biologic movie, don’t try this movie because it’s long, and have a lot of historical facts. At first they’re showing the scene where Mahatma Gandhi is on a train, going from Africa to India. At that time the British is ruling the India, so they pretty much don’t like Gandhi on the first class cabin of the train. Its pity that he’s a professional trained lawyer in Britain which I think he’s lucky because he is a very rich Indian man, but sorry Indians are nothing for the British at the time. Gandhi feels really angry so he gave up his richness and become a normal Indian with traditional style of clothes, dhoti. He also has a British friend name Edward I think, who feels empathy for the Indian so he decided to follow Gandhi path. He opens up a campaign to raise the “courage” of the Indians people to stand up and fight for freedom, this open up the strategy of Gandhi and its show through the whole movie. At first the Indians try to burn the British rules paper I think. But the British came and they stop. One man stood up and continues to burn the British paper is Nehru (first president of India), but he got beat up and take away. Gandhi continues to burn the paper afterward, this really show us the passion for independence of the Indians, as well as Gandhi. Gandhi of course get beat up, and he go home with his bloody face. As the movie progress, you can see a lot of historical facts that I’m sure that you have learn about. When he encourages people to rise up without using violence, as everybody knows it is the non-violence movement of Gandhi. As the movie is going, you will all see the basic setting of Indians basic life. We follow Gandhi through his hard working and spiritual movement. It’s really boring to talk about this movie in general because it all just historic facts. So I think I’ll skip the middle part. This brought back a tragic massacre to remind people: “Amritsar massacre”. That was a bloody massacre. The scene is pretty scary, if you see it with your own eyes at the time. Everyone I think is already watch action movies a lot, so the scene is nothing more than just a terrible gun to man shooting, but at that time, that scene will freak people out. So they climax has on we can see that the people are mad and they try their soul out to kill the British. This is the turning point of the movie, you can see at the first till this part everything went well, and by a stupid captain; they cause disasters. Well this movie will be boring if you don’t interest about Gandhi because it’s mostly talking strategies and historic facts. I keep repeating this because it’s true, if you are an action “nerd”. I recommend you to watch something else like Bugs Bunny. The next thing after the non-violence movement is the religion fighting, so the movie as well as the story had another big turning point. I’m really not sure about the reason, but I think it’s because the Pakistan leader feels unfair about the Gandhi decision about having India and Pakistan as a country. Well at the last part we think everything was sorted out. The Pakistan people are willing to be with the Indians, if you watch the whole movie you will see that, the Pakistani just feel sympathy for Gandhi. At the first scene of the movie,  we can already see that he was kill by a guy, so at the last scene when you see the guy, actually you can see him lurking in the crowd, and you will be like: “O.O! Gandhi will be kill in 5 4 3 2 1. BANG” The movie revises again Gandhi live, how he died, how he went to jail… With all of the famous quotes of Gandhi in the movie, this is a great movie. Check it out.  I would end it here because it looks like I’m teaching you a history lesson, see the movie if you want to know the whole story, because it’s really accurate, I just want to points out 1 more thing.

There is a lot of movie try to make Gandhi as a plot but a lot of them are really bad, the only good one after and before this is “Gandhi, my father” and some others documentary movies.

My grade: 9.0



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  1. it i a greatest filmt

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