Face off(1997)

Movie overview:

You look at the cover and you will definitely like it. Two biggest star of Hollywood came together in one film, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The cover look really interesting, it’s dark in the middle and there is one eye in the dark between John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, so you can say that they somehow related to each other but in a bad way. So let’s go!

Plot overview:

Sean Archer has been chasing Castor Troy to avenge his son’s death by the hands of the psychotic terrorist for six years. Now that he killed Castor, Sean must find a biological bomb by assuming the identity of Castor Troy by taking his face and being brought in prison. But Troy, who awakes from his coma, takes Archer’s face in order to take revenge on him. Now, Troy turns Archer’s life upside down by assuming his identity. Will Archer break free from his prison and get his face back, or will Troy have the last laugh ?

Movie Review:

This movie is incredibly great, if you watch it you will be really stunning, because John Travolta and Nicolas Cage are such  excellent actors that in this movie you cannot really tell who they’re outside anymore. At the first scene, they show us immediately that, these two have conflict with each other. Castor Troy(Nicolas Cage) tries to shoot Sean Archer(John Travolta) who is playing with his son, this show us that Sean is really love his kids. Castor shoots at Sean, but unfortunately, its miss Sean heart and hit his son, so his son is dead. So we can see immediately after that these two has a major conflict. Castor Troy is a big time criminal, the polices have try to bust him for years, and he just slip away like a fish, so we know right away that Castor is a dangerous character, which a lot of English teacher say “antagonist”. Right away, we see a traditional shooting battle, nothing fantasy, nothing epic. They have a fight and Castor was defeated, so that shows us the main story is not between them, it’s something else. So Castor is in coma, he got transport to the hospital, his brother has get caught, so the “Busting Castor Troy”case pretty much ends there. Sean got a family “issue”, he always hard working so turns out he cannot be at home all the time, his daughter start to be mature( pubic), his wife is angry… The movie is full of action so people don’t really care about the story that much, just watching the movie and waiting for some kicking-butt. But the story in this is interesting, not the family story, but the story of the  “Face-off”. So there is a part at first where Castor is already planting the bomb, but we just don’t know where is it, so after the family thing, we came back to our main focus, one of Sean partner say that he found the bomb, but the polices don’t know how to deactivate it. This blast up a whole new story, now it is the bomb trouble, so Sean has to take Castor face, go to the prison and find information from Castor brother( his name is Pollux by the way). So that is what face off mean. Sean takes Castor face and head to the prison. Sean finds out the location of the bomb and he is waiting for his partner to get him out. The interesting thing about this “face off” is nobody knows it accept his partner, some cops and scientists. The climax of the story is when Castor suddenly wake ups from is coma, take Sean face and launch away. There is a scene where I bet you will just jump around and scream, the scene is when Sean is waiting to get out and then Castor show up in slow motion with Sean face, now that’s intense, you have to see it for yourself to  feel the intensity of it, Castor of course kill everyone that involved in the experiment and decided to have some fun for himself as Sean. I cannot really tell you the details of the action in the movie, you just have to check it out for yourself. I’m just going to tell the basic of it. So Castor goes around, being Sean and have fun around. When came to the bomb, Castor Troy smartly deactivates the bomb so there will be no suspicious on him, in facts if the bomb blow he earn some money, but deactivate the bomb get even more money so that give you clue why did he deactivate the bomb. Sean try to get out of the prison, and he did it( A lot of strategy and action in this break out). At Sean house, his wife is stunning at how Sean has change, he is more socialize, he is funnier, he is more caring, so she is pretty suspicious( well Castor is Sean right now, so it is Castor who wants to seduce Sean’s wife, criminal likes women, don’t they!). Sean busted out of  the prison and warned his wife about Castor. Sean’s wife is a doctor, so she test Castor blood type and it is different form Sean. Sean hides in Castor’s hideout as Castor. Sean discovered some interesting thing about Castor, Castor has a son, and he looks a lot like Sean dead son. Castor ambushes his place to kill Sean, but Sean kills Pollux, so Castor pretty much angry at Sean. The action begin at the church where Castor kill the chief earlier in the movie, we see some typical gun shooting action and a boat chase, and then finally Sean kills Castor and they swap back to normal. Sean adopts Castor’s son, so it’s a happy ending. It’s a long movie so sometime you will get bored, but it still a lots of fun. John Travolta and Nicolas cage acting is so great, they brings out each other character really well. There is a lots  of swear( Freedom of speech!!!!) in the movie, so it just being realistic, everybody can swear.

MY RATE: 8.8


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