Space Jam(1996)

Movie overview:

OK! I am a huge Bugs Bunny fan, and a basketball fan, This movie has both, the greatest basketball player ever, and the funniest animated character ever come together in one movie, it not going to be bad. The cover is really colorful and attractive so everyone who just see this in the corner of their eyes will automatically turns around and look at it and may be buy it. Let’s watch it!!!!

Plot overview:

Michael Jordan, the world most famous athlete and Bugs Bunny, the world most famous cartoon character come together and become a basketball team to play against the aliens, who stole the talent of the NBA players.

Movie Review:

Yeah! it was great, sometime if you bring an animated character and put it in real life it going to be bad, but in this movie it is excellent. So at first, Michael Jordan is young, he’s playing basketball in his backyard late in the night, his father came out and tell him to go in after he miss a shot, but who is he?!!!!!! Michael Jordan, it going to take forever. So he grows up and be a NBA superstar, for those you know the story, his father dies, so Michael wants to fulfills his father dream, so he quit basketball and play baseball, and he sucks! On the other side of the world( Looney Toon world) also have a problem, A bunch of aliens want to take over the Looney Toons world. So Bugs challenges them to a basketball match, and they go to the real world and take the NBA players talent like: Charles Barkley, Mugsy Bogues, Patrick Ewing…  They don’t know anything about basketball so they didn’t take Michael talent. Michael is playing golf with Larry Bird( another big star). Bugs drag him down to his world when he reach the golf hole, and he offers Michael to play basketball AGAIN! Michael Jordan still have a lot of heart to the game so he accept and play for the Looney toons( it sound stupid, but nice). So on the real world  the NBA association is closed because of the mysterious lack of talent of some NBA players. Throughout the movie there is a lot of funny part because it is a Looney Toons movie. So we met again some of the famous character of Looney Toons, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd… and they’re playing a basketball game. Ok! so we have a lot of funny situations in this movie, and there is another new character in the movie and that is Lola Bunny, I got to admit she look nice for a rabbit. Bugs likes her( of course). So we see a lot of typical basketball game move and some crazy one. There is nothing special except the combination of real life and animation movie, which already done before the movie release, so this is movie is a little bit underrated. I can really speak much about a comedy movie, especially one without a really constructive plot. From now on, if anybody ask me why Michael Jordan decided to play basketball again, I will say: “He got capture by a bunch of Lonney to play basketball with a bunch of aliens, and it twist his mind around”…….

MY RATE: I’m a basketball fan so: 9.0


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