Home Alone(1990)

Movie overview:

This movie is so well-known in this time, home alone is the most famous family comedy ever made, if  you see the two guys in the background, you will notice there is one super-famous actor: Joe Pesci, Wow! what’s he doing in this movie. Let just pretend we are just back then when the movie just release, the title is catchy, Home Alone, it does sound good, and the tag line “A family comedy, without the family” is very attractive, anyone would want to buy this movie back then. Home alone, I am right now! So let watch Home Alone while I’m Home Alone.

Plot overview:

An eight year old boy, Kevin McCallister left at home by his parents, when they leave with the rest of the family for Christmas holidays to Paris. At first he seems to enjoy living alone, but after a while he understands that things aren’t so easy. Especially when two robbers decide to break in a particular house. HIS house! Is he able to defend his home.

Movie Review:

This movie is great, it’s entertaining and funny. Macaulay Culkin( KevinMcCallister) really make an impact to the world of movie, he is reaching his 30 now, and he is an excellent actor so far, back then he is a new actor fresh off after a movie called: “Uncle Buck”. Joe Pesci play as a thief who pretended to be a police officer at first to survey the house so he can know the way to sneak in the house and steal things away, this movie is great with rising actors, and legendary actors like: Joe Pesci and Macaulay Culkin. The movie started with the scene in the McCallister’s house, they are busy to get ready to go to Paris, Kevin is the one who is getting left out because he is so young at his siblings have to do all the work, and they tease him around with it. The family decided to have dinner at the large table, Kevin and his big brother Brad got into a fight, mess the dinner up, and they all blame Kevin. Kevin got angry got into his room and go to sleep. In the next morning, his mother wake up and realizes that they are late so she hurries everybody, she told Kevin’s sister to check if everyone was there, and she accidentally check on the neighbor kid, so it’s all present and ready to go, from what I understand in so far is that Kevin’s siblings kind of didn’t care much about him, so do his parents that why he miss the trip, he would be happy because he got yell at the other day, He wake up, didn’t see his parents and he is really happy. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern play as the two thieves and they did a superb jobs( Well! Daniel is a comedy actor so his face is a little bit funny). Harry(Joe Pesci) and Marv(Daniel Stern) try to rob the house but they don’t know that Kevin is still at home. At present, Home Alone is a movie that ae famous because of the traps that are set by Kevin and how the thieves stupidly fall for it, but back then who knows what happen to the kid or the thieves. So he set a lot of traps using common household tools and equipments. There is also a rumor about the creepy old man who the local people  used to be a murderer, Kevin started to realizes that being alone is a hard things to do so he go to the church to clear his sin a way, and he meet the creepy old guy, the creepy old guy turns out to be really friendly man, and Kein started to like him, he tell him that :”If he likes something he got to protect it.” So the fun begins here, I don’t think I should go through the traps, because it would ruin the fun, but that is the climax of the story. Marv and Harry fall for most of the traps, but they finally got Kevin. On the other side of the story, Kevin’s mother and the family are worrying sick about him when they find out that Kevin is missing. They got off the plane and stated to search for him, the siblings are worry too( Surprise! eh) This show us the caring of Kevin’s family, even they yell at him a lot, they still love him, cause that’s all family about. Back to Kevin’s place, the creepy old guy save him from the creepy and stupid thieves, so they get caught by the police. His mother gets home, so do his family, the creepy old man family united and the story ends happily ever after( Well, until Home Alone 2 release) things started to mess up again. Please not that there is a lot  of movie that have the same plot as this movie, but NONE have made an impact. Joe Pesci, Macaulay Culkin,… And all of the actors in this movie did a great jobs. Thumbs up!!!!

MY RATE: 9.2


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