Rush Hour(1998)

Movie overview:

Rush Hour is probably the most famous action-comedy movie ever, Brett Ratner is so satisfies with the first one(this one), so he decided to make 2 more and they are all awesome. But let’s talk about the past. Brett Ratner is not really famous at the time, I will say Rush Hour is his first successful career move. Jackie Chan is known as the “Daredevil”, because he’s the stunt special, and he almost die a several of time. Chris Tucker is a singer and a comedian that are really well-known at the time. Lets see if the movie worth its fame!!

Plot overview:

Realizing that the FBI and their by the book tactics may be unsuccessful, the Chinese consul recruits the aid of a loyal Hong Kong inspector to help rescue his kidnapped daughter. Outlawed by the FBI, the inspector must form an unlikely partnership with a cocky, street smart LAPD officer who prefers doing things his own way

Movie Review:

This movie is funny and cool, the term Jackie Chan can even define a new sub-genre, most Jackie Chan movie have the best fight scene ever in the history of film, and he’s bringing it forward in this movie. Chris Tucker brings his funniness to this movie and create another genre: comedy, if it’s only Jackie Chan the movie would be hardly funny. So the story evolved around the Chinese council’s daughter getting kidnapped by a guy name Juntao. The first scene we see a shot of people packing up something at a bay, then there is something that stops them from doing that, it’s just basically somebody got snap in the dark by a guy, then we know that something wrong, suddenly someone fights the packers in shadow, and we know right away, it’s Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker can’t do that, in people minds Chris Tucker is probably just a clumsy and funny cop in this movie. After that everything is fines, Lee is really friendly with Soo Young the Chinese council’s daughter.  We have another shot of Chris Tucker drive to a place and made trade with someone( his name is James Carter).  At first we don’t really sure is he a bad guy or a good guy, he bought something illegally. But after that we know he is the good guy because he track down the seller and take him to jail, he is a POLICE, fascinating. Jackie Chan play as inspector Lee. We see him and Chris Tucker on the cover together so they must have connected somehow.  So after the chaos, the Chinese council’s daughter get kidnapped,  and the story is open up. I really like this kind of idea, where we end a story immediately and open up another one so the main character have to face it again, a lot of movie did that. James get tricked into a mission that requires him to keep inspector Lee down and do not let him involved in the case( I don’t know why).They met each other at the airport, and things started to get crazy and funny, Lee tries to run away from James, using his parkour  skill, but they stuck together again. James realizes that Lee can speak English while Lee just not talking at all since he got down the airport. Jackie got away again, he meets the Chinese council and he agrees to help the Chinese council to find his daughter. There is a lots of funny situations in between these scenes, from how James Carter talks and act through how lack of English Lee is. They finally found out where is Juntao hiding place are, at first we all assume that it is a Chinese guy, but after that we see an American politician who is all behind the kidnapping case, we have a glance of him at the first part of the movie, and we see clearly who he is, after the rumble at the hideout. He convinces the Chinese council to pay the money for his daughter safeness. What interesting so far is the director has gave us a lot of surprise moment, beautiful fighting scene, and a bunch of funny situations. somebody would love that a lot, I eventually do. So the council finally agree to pay the money after the speech he made at a Chinese museum. But Lee and James appears at the place and the whole thing solves. There is a lot of incredibly great fighting from Jackie Chan( he always do), and a whole lots of funny stuff from Chris Tucker. This movie is beyond awesome, Check it out!!!!

MY RATE: 8.9

This is a tribute to Jackie Chan hard work by Cinnemassacre

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