Movie overview:

Romeo and Juliet is probably the greatest love story ever, and what is it doing here in the 90’s world. It will probably be modernize because I can see guns. This movie is act by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, these two are already famous when they was young. Titanic the one that made Leonardo DiCaprio famous, Claire Danes is famous because of this movie, Let see how cheesy this can be!!

Plot overview:

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet original story.

Movie Review:

It’s pretty surprise that, the movie is using old English throughout the movie, so I can’t really understand all of it. William Shakespeare script is not really easy to play, but the actors in here are outstanding at it. Some of them is a action movie actors so they not use to speak a lot, and it’s really hard for them in this situation. This movie is a full “copy” of the Romeo Juliet original play, they still keep the same quotes and same plot, the only things that change is the props. If any of you don’t know about Romeo and Juliet story, I will briefly go through it. So at first we saw the famous prologue of Shakespeare, the scene after that is when Benvolio drive his car to a gas station, in old time he would just probably walk or arrive there on a horse. Somehow bite the thumb at somebody is impolite in the old time (they do it as well in this movie, which is annoying) .Instead of sword fighting we have a guns battle, which is cool, they modernize the props a lot, horses-cars; swords to guns; old landmarks to new landmarks, prince-chief police. The prince came down and punished the two families, the Capulet and the Montague. Montague goes and finds Romeo, who is seeking for love all the time. Mercutio( one of Romeo friends) tell him to go to the party and maybe he will finds someone suitable for him. Of course that Romeo and Juliet (They’re from rival families) fall in love with each other at the party. Tybalt( a Capulet) don’t like a Montague(Romeo) in the party and he want Romeo out, but Capulet push him down and let Romeo on his own. After knowing that Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet, Romeo and Juliet don’t seem to care that much. They always try to get to each other. There are some scenes that must they must have, because it is a signature of the play, one of it is the balcony, which happen to be where they kiss it other under the moon, this is consider the best scene of Romeo and Juliet play that every remake of Romeo and Juliet must have either they make it somewhere or somehow there must be a balcony.  Mercutio and Benvolio discusses about Romeo crossed-love. Mercutio seems to be find with it because he’s not one of the family, Benvolio as well, he’s a part of the family, but he just don’t care much about it. Tybalt arrive and kill Mercutio in front of Romeo eyes, now this is a major scene, there is a big climax when Romeo and Juliet met, but this like a climax in a climax so it’s a really important event. Romeo track Tybalt down and kill him. When the news reaches Juliet, she doesn’t seem to care much, Tybalt kill Mercutio, and he will be executed anyway. Romeo got banished, but before that he got in to Capulet place and does “whatever” to her. Romeo accepts the banishment. Juliet was force by Capulet to marries Paris( not a city), but she strongly refuse, friar Lawrence help Juliet and gave her a poison which will bring her to life after 24 hours after death, he also sends a letter to Romeo about this, but somehow he didn’t get it. So he ran back to Verona (where story take place), group to Juliet corpse and drank the potion that he got from a drug store.  This is an epic scene, there are many version of this scene but this one looks epic, check it out!! Juliet wake up from her fake death and the gun (sword) next to Romeo and shot herself. So that is the cheesy story of Romeo and Juliet, what bothers people a lot is the old English in the modern world, why can’t they just modernize the language, it is so annoying when someone drive a car and say: “For thou, what are thy, who seek upon the cheerful stars”, but I’ll steal love the story, still love the action, you should check it out!!!!!

MY RATE: 8.5

Romeo and Juliet full play: Modern Eng+Old Eng:


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