Alice in Wonderland(2010)

Movie overview:

     If you see the trailer, you will see some elements that made this movie so attractive. to adults or teens it is because of the director is Tim Burton, and the actors are: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway. To kids it is the famous story of “Alice in wonderland” that every kids love. From my perspective, I think it going to be good because, it is continuous of one of my favourite childhood movie. Like I said before, a Tim Burton movie isn’t going to be bad.

Plot overview:

The story of Alice in wonderland continue, when she reach her eighteen.

Movie Review:

Well! I got to said it didn’t turn out quite as I expect it to be from Tim Burton, but it’s still great to watch. Tim Burton is a guy who direct and movie that is eerie and dark, Alice in Wonderland is supposed to be a happy and joyful movie. The basic thing is there is trouble in the “Wonderland” so it can be dark, but it’s too dark and scary for some young kids. The choice of music was perfect,  it’s time to get scare, he scare people with music, when it is happy, its happy music. Tim Burton is a guy that is the master of this, his choice of setting, effects, and music are so great. So at first, the conversion scene from the cartoon movie, when Alice wakes up from her dream about the wonderland, this just gave us some sort of connection to the old story. The next scene is when she was eighteen and on a ride to her wedding. She doesn’t enjoy it much. We met again the white rabbit from the old story, and he is trying to do something to attract Alice attention, she fells in to a hole and returns to wonderland. Some of the old characters in the old movie appear in this story: “The dormouse, the blue caterpillar. Tweedledee, Tweedledum…” The first thing that catches people eyes is the graphic, it’s expensively made. So the problem is the Red Queen taking over Wonderland. We met the Mad Hatter play by Johnny Depp not song long after that, he told Alice to go to the White Queen and call for helps, Alice won’t understand a thing, she forget about the past. She then helps Mad Hatter to get out of Red Queen’s place. Earlier in the movie, the white rabbit show her the book that says she is the only one who can kill the Red Queen’s Dragon. There is one major character and that is the Cheshire cat, he is a wise character who helps Alice in a certain way. But the one that change the story around is the old Blue Caterpillar, he reminds Alice about her past, and she remember about it, so she agrees to fight the dragon. They came to the epic battle between the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) and her sister the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). The battle is pretty amazing, there is a lot of editing throughout that scene, but it end way to fast, that is the thing that bothers me.  Alice came back to her real world, refuse the propose, and do a bunch of crazy thing. Now that is the basic things about the movie, the graphics are outstanding throughout the movie.   Overall, this is not a bad movie, but I expect something more superior from Tim Burton.

MY RATE: 8.0




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  1. I just saw Alice in wonderland. I agree with you I thought it was a good movie and I really liked the effects and how it continues from the old original movie.

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