Bruce Almighty(2003)

Movie overview:

A Jim Carrey movie will not be bad, he is a comedy god and he haven’t have  a fail attempt of joke ever in his career.  If the we look at the movie itself, it also kind of interesting. There is a guy holding an Earth globe, with sky background, and the name of the movie is: “Bruce Almighty”. He must be a god or something!

Plot overview:

Bruce Nolan is a reporter and he is on his way to get fired. Then one day, he turns into god. What happen next!!

Movie review:

Well this is typical Jim Carrey humor with the crazy face expression, creative movement, and voice imitation performed by the one and only: “The Rubber man”. The movie is so funny from top to the bottom, with the addition of Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, and Steve Carell. Everybody like comedy and this is the one where it is over the top, it is just so funny. So at the first scene Bruce Nolan(Jim Carrey) is reporting about the biggest cookie ever, they win and Bruce just crazily does crazy thing. He got yell at by being stupid, now in this scene alone, we saw a typical Jim Carrey acting with the crazy face expression and funny talking. The plot is simple, it is a simple and miserable life of a man, and he wants to be changed, so he asked god, and god wants him to be god, so he takes the job, know how hard it is he started to value his life again. In this movie there is a man who always be god or some kinds of leader, the man himself, Morgan Freeman. In this movie he acts as God, where he is the one who help Bruce to see the value of his life. Bruce has a wife, who is a teacher( played by Jennifer Aniston) of a kindergarten, which their life is on an edge of breaking up. Bruce got fired because he is mad, and he sabotage the show, and it’s about Evan Baxter(Steve Carrell) trick him so he can get the job as an anchorman instead of him.  He depress and ran into god, god decided to replace Bruce as god for a period of time to see how hard god have to work to maintain people wants. Bruce mess it up the first time, but learn how to control it in the end. Still he use it for his own purposes like say sorry to his wife, and mess with Evan on his show. During his process of saying sorry to his wife, he discovered that his wife still love him so much, but at the same time can’t live with him. He feel depress and ask god to make him normal again and he respect his life more than anythings. Now this is a movie with great comedy and a constructive plot and message. All I can say is: This movie is great to watch check it out.

MY RATE: 8.9


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