The Proposal(2009)

Movie overview:

Look at the cover itself, I pretty like it, because it look ironic. Usually in a proposal  a man will purpose to a woman, but in this cover it is backward. Under the title it also say: “Here comes the bribe”. I look at it think to myself: “Man this woman must be really disturbing, or sweet as chocolate”. About the actors that appear, It made the one who pick up the cover want to see this movie straight away. There are 2 gorgeously -looking actors, Oscar-Winner Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds on the cover, and some more actors that are so famous, three more actors that stand out( if you look carefully) are Betty White,  Craig.T.Nelson, and Oscar Winner Mary Steenburgen. The attractive elements are just huge, so let see how this movie turn out to be.

Plot Overview:

Margaret Tate is an editor in chief for a famous magazine, She is Canadian, and her Visa expired, so she get deported. But she wants to stay, so she scares her assistant Andrew Paxton into marries her, and from that crazy things happen…

Movie Review:

This is a very wonderful love story movie with interesting plot and actors. From my opinion this movie is flawlessly done, I can’t find much negative issues nor mistake in movie, and this movie keep my eyes on the TV screen for the whole time. The acting is great, not superb but just great. Movie like this is not running for Oscar awards so the acting is just great. What keep my eyes on are the facts that it is comedy, and it is not too impolite( like Scary Movie). I love movie like this, comedy that we can connect to the real life, we see things in the movie that is true and ironical facts. So the movie starts off with a typical focus clock scene, and it’s show that Joe(Ryan Reynolds)  is late for work. He rushing to the location that he is working in. In there, Margaret Tate(Sandra Bullock) is been known as Witch. Margaret got called from the authorities and she found out that she got deported, she scares, but suddenly Joe gave her an idea, so she made a fake engagement between she and Andrew. Later they were ask to visit Andrew’s home, and it is in Alaska. Margaret don’t know that Joe actually came from a rich family, and the audiences is in the same situation during that start of the movie. She got down to a town in Alaska, known as the Paxton town, she felt strange, because every businesses there are the Paxton’s businesses. We get a good chronological clue about the Paxton family, and finally in one scene we see there house, and It is massive. So finally Andrew Paxton is super-rich. A lot of family issue hapen within the family, between Andrew and Margaret, and most importantly Margaret inner-self.  Margaret is a very cocky woman, before she came here, but Andrew’s family made her mind “flip around”. From Andrew problems with his father(Craig.T.Nelson) , the sweet, caring, and funny Andrew’s Grandmother(Betty White), and Joe lovable mother(Mary Steenburgen), along with some other characters, like Andrew’s ex  girlfriend, and his friends. Andrew family bond together so well, it made Margaret remembers about her family, which she lost it all when she was 16 years-old. She refuses to fake marry Andrew, and accept to be deported, but after living like a couples with each other for a week, Andrew can’t let Margaret leave the country, and he made a real marriage with Margaret. The love story is just so sweet, the comedy is just so fantastic, and the casting crews are just wonderful, see this movie, or your live will not make sense.

MY RATE: 9.5


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