Movie overview:

 Taken is a very good name for a movie, short and intense. The cover look kind of dark, so maybe this movie is pretty disturbing, but with Liam Neeson “Obi-Wan”, I don’t care about the content that much. Also it has a quotation on front (which you can see). Those words sound so cool. A movie with some well-known actors with interesting title and cool quotes, let see how this movie turn out.

Plot overview:

A story about a father who stop all of the people in his way of rescuing his daughter from kidnapping for prostitution.

Movie review:

  This movie is just awesome, not for interesting plot but for the use of combats. Liam Neeson always looks so cool in movies, this time he is boner to the villains. The plot is just normal, not bad, just normal, but what made the movie so interesting is that the combat were so good, not like in Chinese sword fighting movie, where they fly everywhere to dual, but it is real physic combats, with strategies. About the acting, they are not bad, the acting is great actually, but with this kind of movie, who would care about acting techniques. So the story start with the daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) ask her dad Bryan (Liam Neeson) for a permission to travel with her friend alone to Paris, they are in America, so Bryan won’t allow his daughter, so she do what all the girls do when they can’t get something, cry alone or to someone for it, in this case she cry ate her mother, which creates a big pressure on Bryan. We know Bryan is fighter in a scene where he protects a famous singer from crazy fans, the fighting is just awesome. I think it was Aikido move he doing, and Aikido always look great in fighting.  So finally he agreed to let his daughter went to Paris with her friend Amanda. Later she called her father as she was told to, and it was at the same time Amanda got caught so everything was caught on phone. Bryan tell his daughter what to do so he can help her to got out of the situation,and the plan, let they kidnapped her, tell her to describe one person, and got a speaking voice from the kidnapper. How he get the voice: One of the kidnappers pick up the phone, he scare them by using the very cool quotes on the cover, and BOOM, climax on. He searching for them, first he came to one of his friend to find out about the kidnappers, and his friend set up a time of 96 hours to find his daughter, so the assignment for Bryan is on. He looks for her in 96 hours without sleeping. First he found his old friend, Jean-Claude (btw he and his friends are retired CIA Spies) who is now the chief inspector of France. Next he found one of the kidnappers hideout, and caught the kidnappers on the phone, plus he find out that those kidnappers are having protection from polices. He interrogates the captured kidnapper, and find out about the buyers, Patrice Saint-Clair. He go back to his friend to find out about Saint-Clair, he knows that polices have bribes from the kidnappers, so he just brutally asking Jean-Claude to search for Saint-Clair.  He found the selling place for the prostitutes, but he got captured, BUT he got out and found out about where his daughter, will we sent to and smoke that place out. During the last battle scene, the boss is holding a knife on Bryan’s daughter neck, and he is aiming at the boss, SILENTLY. Finally the boss tries to say something and he got shot. This is probably tells the audiences that: “You talk; you die, so do it fast.” He got his daughter home, and got his daughter to the singer that he saves earlier, so the singer can train her to be a singer. This is just a wonderful movie, so intense, so powerful.



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  1. Great Review! Fix up the grammar abit, look king foward to your review more

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