Movie Overview:

It seem like animation movie are getting better and better every year. Around 30 years ago animation movie only need an interesting poster to get the buyers, but now, just like any movie, animation movie also needs a good voicing cast, and in this movie I think it show that. Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, David Cross, Jonah Hill, and Brad Pitt!!! It can’t be better. The production is dreamwork, and it add more reputation to the movie. I guest the handsome gentleman  at the back left is Brad Pitt, the blue one on the front is Will Ferrell, the woman behind him must be Tina Fey, and David Cross or Jonah Hill are either the rest 2. Judging from the trailer, Jonah Hill is the red dude.

Plot overview:

2 super creature came from 2 different planets, but they take different paths, one hero, one villain, and a minion, but a new threat has come to town, and the hero are nowhere to be found,so who will be the hero now.

Movie Overview:

This is all I can say: Wow, this is one great movie of the year. The animation a so great, the comedy are so fantastic. And the story is really touching. There is something you should know, I was right about the casting ,HA!!!. Anyway, the movie starts with Megamind(Will Farrell) falling in slow-motion. This is another typical ending then beginning movie. He speak about why is he falling, and the story begin after a while. He and Metroman(Brad Pitt), came from 2 different planets and they become enemy in a series of bad events. Megamind keep kidnapping the reporter(Tina Fey), so that he can lure Metroman, and eliminate him. He succeed, but after a while he gets bored with ruling the city. He ends up falling in love with Roxanne(the reporter), he disguise as another person, so it can be easy for him, but she found out that it was him after a while. Megamind is bored to death so he create a hero, so he can be a villain again. He inject superpower to Hal(Jonah Hill), which is the reporter assistant , and he had a secret crush on Roxanne. After a time, Megamind got captured, and Hal turn into a even bigger villain, with a codename of Tighten, or Titan.  Metroman hasn’t die, as the trailer shown, the reason that he didn’t die, after Megamind blows him up in a observatory  is pure stupid( it a comedy, what do you expect:) ). Metroman refuse to rescue the town, so Megamind step up to the rescue and he did. He got Titan, and he became the new hero of the town. BTW, David Cross is voiceover for Minion, which is the fish guy. He is just a sub-character to add the element funniness to the movie, meaning without him the movie still make sense. It is an awesome movie, and you should watch it.

MY RATE: 9.0



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