House of Flying Daggers(2004)

Movie Overview:

Just looking at the trailer and the cover, many things attracted me me. First, there  is Ziyi Zhang, one of my favorite Chinese actress, and I’m pretty sure she is the only Chinese actors, actresses who got nominated for Golden Globe . Andy Lau is also famously known for some movies, recently there is Shaolin(2011), with him and Jackie Chan. To be honest, I don’t really know much about Japanese actor, so I don’t know a lot about Takeshi Kaneshiro. Not only the actors interested me but the director also, he directed Hero so it couldn’t be bad. And I’m sure you must heard of the movie Hero.

Plot Overview:

Mei is a double agent who is on a mission to attract the government to the Flying Daggers clan for execution. But something had struck her mind and the road gotten hard for her and the people surrounding her.

Movie Review:

I think this is a very good movie. They It have good proportion of shots, camera angles and background selection throughout the movie. The movie leads the audience from scene through scene with soft and enchanted music. The contrast in the movie portrayed and reflect the character really well. A sad scene have a sad background, a good scene have active background. It can’t be seen without thinking about it but it did. Juxtaposition is a big factor in this movie. The harmony in color really attract the audiences into watching the movie. In a lot of scenes, the colors are very dynamic, it bring out each other, create a active felling for the eye. The movie “Hero” did an excellent job at this, so does “House of Flying Daggers”. Also I really like the camera works and computer editing in this movie. slow motion shots, CGI shots, helicopter shots… IT all really work well together. The computer editing is very distinctive and professionally done. The movie have a wide range of shots which is really great. It got almost every type of shot in this movies.

So Mei attracted this guy name Leo (Andy Lau), ( which later the audiences will find out that they both are trickster to attracted the government) But there is this guy name Jin, who is a skilled fighter, and he bought into the plan unexpectedly because he like Mei. Jin is not an easy guy to get rid of. So Mei lets thing go on naturally. But unluckily she started to fall for Jin.  Great scenes that really caught my eyes  are the scenes with slow motion daggers and arrows. So Mei journey ends and Jin got caught. Mei got ordered to kill Jin, but she can’t cause they are in love. Leo also is the one who love Mei. He fills his heart with hatred towards the couples and he go on to fights with Jin. And he accidentally killed Mei. But the scene in the end is really meaningful. Mei wake up after a time when Leo throw daggers at her chest. Leo wanted to kill Jin with a dagger on his hand. But Mei say if he do that she is going to stop it with the dagger in her chest, which medically, when a close wound is open the person would die almost immediately. So Leo test it. He throw a fake, Mei do it, she die, both  of them heart -broken.
The story is not great to tell but really fun to watch, so check it out.

My Rate: 8/10



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