Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Movie Overview:

Everybody know Captain America right! If you don’t know much about him, at least you must have heard of him. For Marvel fans, they just need the comic story to became a moving media (film, animation,…). The cast doesn’t have many big names, Only Tommy Lee Jones stand out. Hugo Weaving is recognizable, he is the star of The Matrix, Lord Of The Ring, and he is the voice of Megatron in Michael Bay’s Transformer. Chris Evans is a rapidly rising actor, due to his good-looking, and good body. Chris was in a hit movie Cellular, and Fantastic Four. This movie could be awesome, so let see if they can portray one of the greatest heroes of the comic world!
Plot Overview:

Steve Rogers is a small and skinny guy, but he hope to be in the army. One day a man came along and made him an offer to be an experiment. Things go well for him, but not for the experiment.
Movie Review:

This is one great movie to watch, It start a bit slow, but after that, a lot of action are going on, full on tempo fighting, shooting, killing, and the music + sound effect are off the hook. The atmosphere of the movie so powerful. They did a really good early 20th century scene. Well they must have reference a lot of mafia movies and series. Boardwalk Empire is a good series for mafia costumes, mood, and vehicles, if you ever think about making a mafia movie, btw Boardwalk Empire is a super great drama series to watch (not for kids, heaps of nudity). The actor did a great job on acting out the character. Tommy Lee Jones as always look very neutral when he is acting. Once a gain Hugo Weaving is a bad guy, and he did a hell of a job portraying the Red Skull, I guess Hugo Weaving just doesn’t have a friendly face. Chris Evans have a breakthrough performance in this one, I think he gonna be really famous some year later. The costume and make up for the character didn’t really get me much, it is pretty good, but some of it isn’t accurate enough. Red Skull should have yellow eye. I really like the amount of focus to the base story of the original Captain America. They got the name all correct(of course), some are additional characters, but they aren’t important. I like how they put Howard Stark, which the father of Tony Stark, the iron man, played by Robert Downey Jr. The Stark family always appear in Marvel comics, even for X-men, they crossover each other once (I can’t remember which episode it is, Marvel have alot of comics).

Steve Rogers is a struggle man, skinny and weak, one day he get to join the army as an experiment, but something unfortunate happen and he cannot go to war openly, instead he end up in a show business. But it didn’t satisfies him. One day, a lots of soldiers got caught, and know one is up for the job, so he step up and do it.

Now from there the action start, it a bit slow, about one hour into the movie. From there a lot of things strike me, the editing is very good. I really like the scene where he fight a bunch of enemies, with a very cloudy and stormy background.  It add to the mood. The scene on the plane was absolutely awesome, it very powerful in how they use the camera angle on those, and how they computer-generate the detail of the ship, really really good 3d editing.

So after a lot of action, fighting, shooting. it came to a sad ending. Captain America, have to make a force landing to a place, I think it is Greenland, and he stuck in the ice for 70 years, which have been show at at the beginning of the movie. Later on he breakout of a S.H.I.E.L.D facility, found himself in a totally different New York. Nick Fury came, recruit him, and made up a team call “The Avenger”. The movie will came out in 2012(before the Doomsday). The Avenger will face Loki, which he didn’t die in the Thor movie unfortunately. To know more about the Avenger team, Google it.

So this is a great movie, great editing, and great actors. I recommended highly if you want a fun night movie, or what ever you do late at night with your “stay over friend”, watch this and be thrill.

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