Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Movie Overview:

Well. The thing that of course strike people is that it is the continue sequel off one of the most funny and ridiculously good agent, Johnny English. The cast is the same, Rowan Atkinson as in Johnny English age a bit. Plus looking at the trailer, I know this will be funny as hell. If you don’t know who is Rowan Atkinson, you haven’t been around the modern time much. Rowan Atkinson first star in a hit British comedy series: “Not the Nine O’clock News”. He work his way up to “The Blackadder”, Mr.Bean, be in a lot of stage comedy, and of course Johnny English. Most of the people who don’t watch a lot of British TV refers him as Mr.Bean, and I gotta admit, he blew the world away in the series of Mr.Bean. A lot of people still don’t know his real name. Okay! Let get to the movie!!!

Plot overview:

Johnny is back, and he has been REBORN.

Movie Review:

This sequel is awesome. They are very funny. In a comedy aspect, they have alot of original ideas. The wheelchair vehicle is a nice touch. this movie got my vote as the funniest movie since last year. I mean Rowan Atkinson still kept is coolness, but also a very goofy coolness. About the action aspect, they are just off the hook, the actions are very intense, but very funny at the same time, that is a very hard thing to do. The only productions that can do this are the Shaw Brothers, and Golden Harvest. These are Chinese production, which help nearly all the famous Chinese star today (Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen…). They have a lot of thing that can shock you. I thought this movie is going to be a mild action movie, with a bunch of ruthlessly funny elements, like the last one!. But it isn’t, instead they have great use of explosion, some very creative weapons, the golf cart minigun is a nice touch, so does the vacuum cleaner sniper, and the iron shotgun. The acting is off the hook. Dominic West act as a bad guy in this movie, he did it pretty well, he is so good at being neutral and make people convinced that, he is the character. Rowan Atkinson, as always, be the biggest foundation to the movie, his acting, still as always, a brilliant actor, act with his body and his heart. The music and sound effect is good. It is not so exaggerated, like any action movie will do. It is enough to the ear stand. The mood that this movie brings is just wonderful, it is happy and cheerful. No message is delivered, this is just a fun movie to watch and relax after a long day.

The story evolved around the return Johnny English after he decided to hid himself for a while because of a failed mission in Mozambique (a country in Africa). Johnny got famous because he break the case of the crown thief in Johnny English (2003). The MI7 ( a secret British government organization) want him back for a job. His job is to find Titus Fisher (Richard Schiff), but later he unfold a bigger event. An assassins organization call Vortex will attempt to kill the Chinese Ambassador. A long the way Johnny got frame by Simon Ambrose (Dominic West), a close friend of him. Johnny also encountered Kate (Rosamund Pike) , a psychologist specialize in human facial expression.  He also have an assistant, Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya). The discovered a mind control toxin called Timoxilin Barbebutenol (not REAL). He ends up drinking the toxin, and being control by Ambrose.

A few scenes really strike me. The whole training part at first is wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it, love the gong scene, where he hides behind the gong and hit a monk  with the post. The crotch kicking scene is just hilarious and original. Later on we see the advantage of it. It simply a fake practice progress of controlling the body with the brain, and that place is the hardest place to control with the  brain. Don’t try this in real life, if you are a male, because it proven that it cant be done since the pain is not on the muscles, but rather the testes (grow-up!  please 🙂 ), which is impracticable, unless you cut it off. Also don’t try kick other people, it can cause death. Another scene that strike me is the chase scene between the MI7 force and Johnny English, who is on a wheel-chair. something about it really make me like it, it both thrilling and extremely funny to watch. I love the thrill of cars or boats chases, but an awesome wheel chairs will also be OK. The near final ending scene  is also very good to watch, it give a nervous moment for a while, but since in a movie like this a geniusly ending won’t be expected. Also I really love all the scene with Johnny English keep mistaken the Chinese assassin for someone else. It is not really original, but it is all in good fun.

This is a wonderful movie to watch, a very fun movie to watch and enjoys.

MY RATE: 8/10


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