Happy Gilmore (1996)

Movie Overview:

Normally an Adam Sandler’s movie is a great movie with a lot of funny elements, but also some morals are involved. This should have it, due to the word “Happy” before Gilmore. This must be a golf movie since the poster have a golf hole and a golf ball, and a guy holding a golf club. The is also a slogan right underneath the golf hole: “He doesn’t play golf he destroys it”. Base from that it must be a comedy, mocking the game of golf. I like golf generally,  so a common golf joke will be more effective for me or golfers, because we can relate golf with the joke he put out.

Plot Overview:

Happy Gilmore decided to switch from hockey to golf for all the money he can win in golf is far better than hockey.

Movie Review:

I really enjoyed this movie. It ruthlessly funny, and it will entertain you through out the movie. This is a simple movie, not much special effect is done. The director have a good use of cutting from scene to scene to give a fluid motion of the action. The soundtrack is wonderful, it’s happy, but it get sentimental once it at an emotional scene. The actors are very good. Adam Sandler did a good job as always, Christopher McDonald was very funny but evil in this movie, I like him, he is a bit underrated  , he could be very good. The atmosphere that this movie bring is good. It put you in a joyful mood along with some mild sentimental moment. He about to lost his house, that is sad enough. Nearly everything is perfect for a comedy in this movie. No message is delivered, a wild comedy movie to make you relax after a hard day at school or class.  Not a very powerful movie but a very funny movie.

Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) is a hockey player, who can’t control his anger, his girlfriend end up dumping him, and his house will be pulled by the bank. His house meant a lot to him and his grandmother. Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) offer him a price for his house but he refuses since he don’t like Shooter very much. He changed from hockey to golf to earn better money, since his drive (first shot in golf) is so good. So he gradually work his way in to the big league, but he had an inappropriate attitude (anger), and he need to control it in order to get into the big league. He met a mentor who help him to build a better golf game and to control his anger. But by accident he kill his mentor (don’t get angry, it a stupid death). But he able to get into the big league with Shooter McGavin and other pros.

The scene in his room is a very funny scene. His girlfriend buzz him in the apartment call box and he shoo her away, immediately after that he sing into the call box to apologize, but another person came up, and they skipped it top the morning, funnily the person actually stay in his house, so we can make a story in between, very clever. The music uses is very good in this scene, so ironically funny. A lot of scenes they invited Lee Trevino (a golf legend) to cameos, which is very nice and smart, only golf fans really know who he is though, normal watcher will wonder: “What the hell is he there for”. Cause his appearances are very unnecessary. The last scene, he have to put through a camera stand, that fall down on the green, but he won’t allow to move , so he putt it away, it is so funny, it is like a mini-golf moment in a real golf game, very smart right there.

On IMDB, the meta score is only 40/100, don’t listen to them, they judge on movie aspects, it is true that this movie is lack of aspects, but it is still a good movie to watch. No message is delivered, just a fun movie.

My Rate: 7/10



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