Against The Dark (2009)

Movie Overview:

I personally don’t like Steven Segal really much, people say Steven Seagal is a bad actor, but I think he is ok, he just not excellent, he is not professional actor anyway. This cover caught my eye in the DVD store, it look fairly simple, I can do it in 10 minute on Photoshop. But it is nice design, it is a horror movie and it is a cold cover, good principle. “He live by the sword, they will die by it”, Nice quote. I heard people say this is a bad movie, but let see how it goes.

Plot Overview:

A virus effect the world, and some kids stuck in  a hotel full of zombie.

Movie Review:

I agree! It’s a bad movie. I was hope for a nice hack and slash movie, instead i got a drama. The sound effect is OK, I like the whooshing sound of the sword and the slashing, it need to improve on music effect. There is no fluidity between scenes, half of the time you watch Seagal and his crew slashing vampires (They act more like zombies), and half of the time you watch these people talking about vampires and other craps. The scary mood is good, it is cold, and have some good scare, but till this years, it was expected most of the time. The special effect is fair, simple, and low budget. Not much skill is needed for editing. The acting is OK, they can act scare when they scare, or calm when they calm. Steven Seagal have no emotion on his face, very bad acting. The story is ok, it is not every original, so many film has done a virus breakout story, and it all have their own unique story of how. This movie has no explanation what so ever. This movie is horrible, it will be OK, if they skipped out all the Drama and let Seagle just hack those bastards away. I don’t care what happen to those people in the hospital.

Arghhhghg, Vampires eating people……!!!@@@!@!@!@!!@@@@!!@

The only good scenes I found is the  killing scene, I love to see Seagle just hack those vampires.

It’s a horrible movie, could be interesting, but it fell down a well.

My Rate: 2/10


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