Kung Fu Panda(2008)

Movie Overview:

This movie could be really fun. First off is the stars. This animation featured an awesome voice cast. Jack Black, looks like the main voice in this movie, and he is working a long side with Hollywood’s biggest stars. Angelina Jolie, an very  good actress, a ground breaking performance in a Clint Eastwood’s movie: Changeling, she is awesome. Dustin Hoffman, one of my heroes, he stars in so many great film: Rain Man, Kramer vs Kramer, Tootsie… He is wonderful as always. One of my other hero is also voice in this movie, Jackie Chan. He is the guy who had sacrifice so much of his body to the art of kung-fu, and he is kind of the guy who bring Chinese movies to its high point today. Everyone who lives on Earth must knows his name, Jackie Chan. Seth Rogen, Ian McShane, Lucy Liu, James Hong, Michael Clarke Ducan, David Cross… It is an all-star cast. Also a slogan is say below the title: “Prepare for awesomeness”. The director know this is going to be the bomb.

Plot Overview:

A panda working in a noddles shop, with a dream to be a great warrior.

Movie Review:

This is an awesome movie. It had everything compact into one, awesome action, great comedies, beautiful moments, sad moments, cute moments, not-cute moment… The sound track and effect is awesome. The sound effect guy really know his jobs, he and his crew did an amazing job. The mood that this movie bring is powerful, it is so colorful and beautiful. It’s very appropriate all the time, it is so appeal to everybody from kids to elders, even an old man say he love the movie when he walked out of the cinema at my place. Kids have a great time, and I have a blast. The voice acting are out of this world, it fit the animation so well. Jack Black and the rest of the cast really bring these characters to life. Ian McShane really nailed the bad guy voice in this movie. The messages that this movie bring are powerful. The camera work on the animation is just amazing, some shots make the characters really powerful, some make them really weak. A great blend of low angle, high angle, freefly shot… really defined a good movie. Finally the animation. They really define the word “Bring an animal to life”. The fictional world is beautiful. The detail on the character is wonderful, from the eye, the body shape, to the furs on the characters, they are just  awesome to watch. The story behind this is very dramatic, for a very good comedy, it have a great story behind it.

Po (Jack Black) is a panda working at a small noodle shop, his dream is to be the Dragon Warrior, which is impossible, since he is not one of the Furious Five, the kung fu masters that live on a mountain with there master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), and his master before that Oogway (Randal Duk Kim). The day that master Oogway pick the Dragon warrior from the furious five has come, and Po is desperately wanted to go, but his father say he have to drag the noodle cart up to the mountain, which Po already have trouble getting up by himself. He decided to abandon that noodle cart and make his way up the stair. When he reach the top, he realize that he is too late to get inside , so he need to find an opening to peek in, but it got all covered up. He decided to launch him self inside, first is using the bamboo tree, and next he is using a fire work cart. He able to launch himself inside, but he fainted, and wake up to be the Dragon Warrior by supposedly “an accident”. He get excited to be in the palace. Shifu see the ridiculousness in this, so he try to make him leave by train him, but only hit him like a bag. The Furious Five seem to not like him too, especially Master Tigress (Angelina Jolie), but they gradually like him because of his stubbornness, and his cooking. One night the most wanted villain break lose, Tai Lung (Ian McShane), he is Shifu past student, and adopted son. But he grew angry cause Oogway doesn’t allow him to be Dragon Warrior cause he see Darkness in Tai Lung, he trash the palace, try to get the Dragon Warrior’s scroll by force, so Master Oogway have to put him down. Po get the news, he got scared so he tried to escape, Shifu apologize for being cruel, and agreed to train him. The Furious Five set out to go and stop Tai Lung, against Shifu will, but the failed miserably. Shifu decided to face Tai Lung himself, sending Po and the Furious Five to evacuate the villagers, Po finally realize the meaning behind the Dragon Scroll, which is blank. He set out to help Shifu fight Tal Lung at the end.

I really love all the training scene, I love how Po didn’t accomplished the objective of the training. he end up getting hurt a lot. But he stay with them, and keep training, good moral to the kids, “Keep Trying!”. I love the amount of detail they put into each scenario, some animation we can pick out the flaws that they make. In some cartoon, some character in a corner is freezing, some cartoon have the background characters doing same things like they are a dance group or something. But in here it pretty good, cause they all do their own thing. Details!!!! That why I love this animation. Several shots make Shifu look powerful, and some make him look weak, a great use of professional filming shots on  an animation. The ending battles are awesome, both the one between Shifu and the one between Shifu and Tai Lung, and the one between Po and Tai Lung. The one between Shifu and Tai Lung is so good, with the choreography, and sound effect, plus the dialogue is very meaningful. On the other hand, the other battle, are just hilarious, Po obviously has no wisdom to fight Tai Lung, so he end up fighting him with spirit and luck, which is really funny scene, it all about stupid luck, a very smart move by the creator.

This is a movie that will make history, it will always stay in my heart. Great Moral! Great Story! Great Cinematography!

My Rate: 10/10



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