Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

Movie Overview:

I gone out and search for the worst movie possible to watch, a movie that define the word: crap. And I believe i found it. This movie has been review by my favorite reviewer: The Angry Video Game Nerd! (review link above). The poster look promising, it could be a very fun movie to watch. I like the color and the hand draw art on this poster, back in that time this is a good poster already. No actors name were mention, which mean no famous actor is involved. Plus the car write Fire Dept., does the Ice Cream Bunny abandon his ice cream truck, is he made out of ice cream, or the vehicle was blindly draw by the designer.

Plot Overview:

Santa is stuck, Ice Cream Bunny to the rescue!!!!!! WTF?!!!!?

Movie Review:

They nailed it! I have found the worst movie that ever created, not to say there aren’t many bad movies out there but this one made my list. For one thing, they look cheaper than a piece of paper covered in poo. They use locations that I think they don’t need any permit at all. The sound effect is terrifying, it annoy the living crap of of the viewer, and it is not a horror movie. The singing sound, like James say: “The siren sound is cover up by the horrible singing”. Siren are use to annoy people to get their attention by using very disturbing tone and  music scale, and it got owned by the singing, Imagine it! The acting is terrible, like a bunch of trained monkeys on the set, and the animal is not even train, the pig hate to be in the movie, the gorilla is a guy in a cheap costume for real, a credit goes to the guy in the costume, he did act like a monkey, finally is the Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny Costume, they are like those cheap mascots they can rent at a costume store on the street. Very little effort was put into this movie, and it came out as an abomination.

The story of Santa stuck on a beach, so he call the children for help, the children then find all sort of help, a dog, a pig, even a gorilla. Finally they decided to seek help from the Ice Cream Bunny. They ride with each other, including the children to somewhere nobody knows. Then it turn to a story of Thumbelina, she wake up in this world, where thing is not normal. Gradually she meet troubles along the way, and got harass by a giant mole.

James already talk about this movie in his review (on the top), and I agree with him. It’s a piece of crap. It is a disgrace to the art of movie, Santa, and may be the Ice Cream Bunny, if he is real, which I’m positively sure, he is not.

My Rate: -10/10



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