Grand Theft Auto III


An idea of an open world game back then is a rare thing, it is very hard and time consuming. Gamers had talk about being control your character and the world that he is living in sound impossible, it is like nowadays, people are dreaming of playing a game where you can interact with the environment physically. Many game industries like: SEGA, LJN, Ubisoft… were dominated industries back then. But now come an underdog gaming industries that create one of the best game series known to man till today. Rockstar Game had never failed to impress it’s customer. The first game they made was Grand Theft Auto, a game that enlighten the genre of open-world game, the game was developed in 1997, there were many open world game out there, way before GTA 1, Legend of Zelda,  Metroid, Indiana Jones… These games allow the character to travel around a world and find clue instead of stuck in a side or vertical scrolling. Rockstar Games came into the gaming world and throw the biggest bomb in the history of gaming. The Grand Theft Auto Series, starting with GTA 1. Now GTA 1 was a little big of a deal back then, it borrow the concept of off Maxis: Simcopter ( a taxi simulation game) and make it into 2 parts, character or cars. It is just

like an option but with interactive. Gamers love the idea back then, but were more interested in 3D games, so GTA was faded into dust. The came up with GTA 2, but that also failed to impress, since the PS2, an advanced 3d gaming console was about to release, it is a very big of a deal back then, I freak out when my dad bought me a PS2. But 2 years later, Rockstar release a game, they hit the world like a Big Bang, GTA III. Back then, people cannot believe what they play. They can ran over people, bat people, shoot people, fix car, play missions, play submissions, rob people money, mess with the cops, help the cop, stunts, races… Nearly everyone wants the game, even kids wanted to buy the game, when it clearly rated as Mature, but parents were too dumb to realize their son is going to play a very mess up game, I know, cause I got it just by asking.

The Graphic:

3D games still a big deal in 2001, it’s the texture that made this game so impressive. There was a game before that that made an impression on how detailed a game can be, Shenmue in 1999, it gameplay wasn’t that fun, but the graphic was awesome. GTA 3 kick that game up a notch, and made it a driving plus combat game, the game Shenmue turned into dust.  The amount of detail in GTA 3 is so good. The car have realistic colors, it is still 32 bits but it is ok. The texture of the road were so good, it look exactly like a road, and that is kind off cool. The game HUD (heath bar, map, blip…) is exactly the same from the first one, it kind of disappoint me little bit but I’m was still so freaking stunt my the range of gameplay back then so I don’t give a damn. They say, they are going to bring GTA 1 to 3D, people were like: Yeah!! OK!!!. Not knowing what going to hit them. The atmosphere of the game is truly remarkable, day and night was clearly recognizable, it bring out the feeling of living in a big city in the year 0f 2000, with all the gangs, and drugs. The people of Liberty City( the world that the protagonist live in) look so good, a very wide variety of people, they almost do different thing each of them, most of them just walk mindlessly. The tree and the weapons look stunning, this game is just a awesome just to look at. In today world, it doesn’t quite look that impressive, but it still a game that could make a nerd go: “Wow! This look so real”. The texture isn’t the only thing that impressive people, the shape of objects were also good. From the grass to the vehicles it look amazing. The variety of cars that this game bring to you was great, lots of car to steal form. Cars came in so many different form. Square roof, round roof, convertible, trucks, bus… It was just awesome.

The Gameplay:

The on;y thing I can say about GTA 3 gameplay is: “Wow!!!!”. Of course I’m speaking in a perspective 10 years ago, now it still fun to play. GTa 3 had a variety of thing to do. You either can play the missions, or hang around the city, the game doesn’t make you play mission all the time and that is the unique thing in  GTA. There are some mission that allow you to race, or drive against a time limit, which is kind of a race for me. There so many you can do. You can be polite and drive taxi around the city, a very good way to explore the city. The are also these rampage side mission, where you get to kill people for money and scores, which is so much fun back then. I remember there

is a rampage mission where you ran over people until you get to 100 people. It was fun. Also there is a big variety of weapons to choose from to start your rampages (manually, usually you get a set

weapon), there are pistols, SMG, M4, AK… This game strength is no matter what you do, from

starting a killing frenzy to running over people, drive taxi or play mission it is a just so fun to play. Also there are 8 bomb, it allow you to set a bomb in you car, rigged it, and wait or it to explode, that is the thing that people love so much. I bomb

almost every possible car in the game. Also there is a crane, you can earn money by crushing cars, you can’t see the crushing process, but it is still fun to try and fly inside the mouth with your character still inside the car. The whole meaning of a game like this is to do things that you can’t never ever do outside, and not get caught, and that is why GTA is one of the best out there. I also really like the traffic rotation that this game have, it is not normal back then to see a car actually obey the traffic rule, this game is kind of the first to have it.

The Sound Effect:

A good game must have good sound effect, not just the gameplay need to be great, the sound also need to be awesome. A good example of good sound effect would be the Devil May Cry series. GTA 3 have a reasonably good sound effect. They lean on the aspect of realism more than over the top sound, so the sound isn’t that rich. The sound of car engine, honking, siren, people cursing at you… build up the realism of the game by a lot. The graphic a long with the sound make this game so real to believe, still I’m speak as if I’m in 2001 not nowaday. The missions that you play have a level from easy to hard, some mission will take you a long time to done, some will take effort, some is just a waste of time and some is really a blast to play.

The Story: 

The Story is just powerful, it resemble a Mafia movie clearly written by Martin Scorsese, but it is a game.

The player character, Claude has robbed the Liberty City Bank with his girlfriend, Catalina, and a male accomplice. While running from the scene, Catalina shoots him and leaves him to die in an alley; the accomplice is also seen lying nearby. The player character survives but has been arrested and subsequently found guilty and sentenced to jail. While he is being transferred, an attack on the police convoy aimed at kidnapping an unrelated prisoner sets him free.

With the help of a fellow escaped prisoner (later revealed as 8-Ball), the player character then takes on work as a local thug and rises in power as he works for multiple rival gang a corrupt police officer and a media mogul. In the process, Maria, the wife of a local Mafia boss, begins to take a liking to him. The Mafia leader, Salvatore, grows suspicious and lures the player to a death trap; but Maria saves him, remaining close to him throughout the storyline.He later goes to work for others, including the Liberty City Yakuza and media mogul Donald Love. Eventually, his exploits attract the attention of Catalina, now affiliated with a Colombian drug cartel, resulting in the kidnapping of Maria. This gives him the opportunity to face Catalina once more, which results in a firefight and Catalina’s death. Claude and Maria leave the area. During the end credits, Maria can be heard complaining about her appearance, followed by a gunshot and silence. [, story sub section].

What really unique is that you didn’t know the name of your main character that you play until the fifth game came around which is GTA : San Andreas. The story is just great, it had some up and down, and it is just like watch an A-list movie. Along the away you meet some characters that you will like, respect and hate, like Catalina, nobody like her even in later game, she is an annoying b*tch who wants everything for herself, I love her!. Claude is a cool guy, he never talk, in the trailer people say he say: “Get out of the car” once, so I go and research and actually he did, and that is the only sentence that he say throughout the entire series. There is a character that I really like, Toni Cipriani (the main character of GTA: Liberty City stories). He is a mob boss who really like Claude because his working style reminds him of his youth, also he kind of help Claude kill Salvatore, who try to kill him early in the game after Claude do some errands for him, very bad man, but a true mafia, I like him. There are some unnecessary characters, some missions are very boring to play, and some are just make going to make you angry.

The Only disappointing thing is that you can’t fly, all though there were helicopters.

My Rate: 10

PS2 Guide

PC Guide


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