Freedom Writers (2007)

Movie Overview:

This movie came from a very famous book call: The Freedom Writers Diaries. I couldn’t find the book, but I’m sure it must be good. This movie had a certain attraction. The main leading actress is Hillary Swank, a very talented actress, who famous for so many film, especially Millions Dollar Baby and Boys Don’t Cry, she win Oscars on those. Patrick Dempsey also in the movie, also a very good actor, but director main focus is on his good looking. Imelda Staunton also in the movie, she is a very good actress, tremendous performance in Vera Drake, she also specialize in annoying character. The R & B singer Mario also in the movie, I’m not sure about his acting talent, but I like his music.

Plot Overview:

The story of the authors of the book The Freedoms Writers Diaries.

Movie Review:

I absolutely adore this movie. It is full of emotions and the casts did a fantastic job portraying the characters. Hillary Swank stand out in this movie so much, her acting is fantastic as always. Mario does act really well,  I gave him credits for this movie. The cinematography is beautiful, this is a pure example of great cinematography, very great uses of pan shot, high angle, low angle, tracking… The mood that this movie bring is beautiful, half of the time you will find your self on the verge of tears and half is in extremely happy mood, this movie play with your emotion. The music and the sound go together really well, this movie  is not the kind of movie where you need to focus on sound effect really much, there were no intense fighting, gun duel, or any stunts, they could just use stock sound effect. The only thing important is quotes, there are many memorable quotes in here my favorite is when Erin (Hillary Swank) get a replies from student, where she trying to get their feeling: “Stop pretending to understand our situation”. Normal people would freeze there, but she replies: “Then explain it to me!” It is pure genius, I hope that moment was real. The music is so dramatic, great uses of musics. The story have both tragedy and happy, it did get drag on a bit long in the middle, some scene weren’t needed, like her part time job scenes, it unnecessary in my opinion. Not very much to judge on a drama film, it is the story that make it good.

The Story Of Erin Gruwell. She is a teacher in a school known for gangs relation people. She end up in a glass where people think school is just a cleaner jail with babysitters whom they treated a guard. Erin doesn’t mind the situation and stick to this class as she see goodness in them. She started with getting along with them by listening to rap and tell that they have good examples of rhyming. The students think she is just annoying, so the show some resistance. Erin despite that and stick with them, starting new method of befriend them, starting with the line game. She finally understand their feeling of being fear of their surrounding everyday, she start asking them to writes journal, which eventually became the book later. She took them in field trips to the memorial of the Concentration Camps, and they sympathize with the people they learn. Erin also have marriage issue where her husband doesn’t like she working all day, plus she got another problem in the school with the board of administrators because they don’t want to waste their money buying resources for the students that they teach. Eventually they fight through all of the ir gang troubles and became successful people like they are today.

I love nearly all of the scenes in this movie, my favorite is the line game scene. It gave a feeling of both happy and feeling sorry for the students. I fell really powerful watching that scene because it feel like the chemistry between them have risen. That scene is like the foundation that hold the movie up right, and that is why I love that scene. Another scene that I like is all the journal scene, they show you the situation, not just let the students read it without anything, that would be really boring, also there are some part where Erin imagine the student sitting there reading to her, very clever right there. The last scene that I love is when Erin swear for the first time in the whole movie, it is to show how strong she is too, despite all of these situations. Teaching a class with bad and good students mix and make them all have a good grade is quite hard already, let along all of them is bad, I show my gratitude to miss Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers.

My Rate: 9/10


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