Seeking Justice (2012)

Movie Overview:

This movie had some interesting elements, the cover look nice caught my eye a bit. It oblique so it must mean that this movie is going to be a weird movie. The cast is good. Nicolas Cage is my main interest for this movie, he star in so many movies, and he was great in all of them. Guy Pearce also in the movie, I like him in Momento, also a very great actor. January Jones is a rising star for her glamorous beauty, great figure, and talent.

Plot Overview:

Will Gerald accept the offer of revenging from Simon after his wife was assaulted, but they want a favor from him in return.

Movie Review:

I like it, not a top movie, but it is entertaining. The cast did a good job in this movie, especially Nicolas Cage, he show great emotions range in this movie. Guy Pearce look really cool in this movie, very mysterious, and he scare me a bit. January Jones did a nice job here, as beautiful as always. The cinematography is ok, not a very moody movie so great uses of lighting is unnecessary, but they could make it a bit “Noire” just for fun. The sound effect have its range, great uses of intense music, show a variety of situations and it build up a great mood for the audiences. The feeling that this movie bring is good, it have some good intense moment, but it kind of fall apart because of all the searching and schooling scene, some of the scenes are unnecessary, but they wasn’t long so it didn’t drag down the action. A Nicolas Cage movie must have some intense action sequence of may be car chases, fist fighting, gun shooting, but a normal non-special effect movie is great too. The movie kind off slack off a bit, but it didn’t fade away from the meaning of intensity, plus Seeking Justice is a great name.

Will Gerald (Nicolas Cage) accept an offer of killing his wife (January Jones) rapist from a random man name Simon (Guy Pearce) with a favor from him. The job was done, and Will feel scare about it. 6 months later, they call him and ask him for a favor just like he promise. The make him stock a woman and her 3 kids, and kill a man in a picture he gave Will, with specific orders to make it look like an accident. Will doesn’t like the idea and ignore it, but Simon didn’t let him and threaten to kill his wife. Simon told him that the guy he suppose to kill is a child molester, Will doesn’t believe it, but Simon make him had no choice, Will try to talk to his target, but his target attack him and end up fall to his death.  Will got scare and got arrested by the police. Will find out that his target is a famous journalist, who he thinks is withholding important information about Simon. He also found out that Simon wasn’t alone and Simon also belong to a bigger organization that included the police also. Through some up and down, he found out the reason behind the assassination and blackmail Simon.

I really like the hospital scene, where Will and Simon fist encountered each other. The mood of the hospital just fit the coldness of Simon face perfectly. That scene have some nice quotes and it also show the organization code: “The hungry rabbit jump” which is used really wise and smart in the movie. I love all of the chasing scenes between Simon and his crew and Will, it is a nice chase with nice camera angles to show how a non martial art chase would be like. One other scene I like is the scene where Will is inside the school searching for information and caught his student vandalizing the  school, his student show him some disrespect, mention the arrest, and ask for the reason sarcastically. Will told them that he got arrested for murder-first degree (kill with only hand, usually only psycho got that), his student got scare immediately, say sorry and run away. Great scene, it is so humorous after such a long and intense first half of the movie. The last scene that I like is the ending scene, I won’t spoiled it, but it pretty cool. This is a great movie which some flaws, but it is still great to watch.

My Rate: 7/10


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