The Devil’s Double (2011)

Movie Overview:

From the look of the poster and the trailer, people will be curious about this movie, not much people know about the Hussein family nearly all have double with them since they don’t have great security than America or any other rich country, so this movie is going to be a great learning experience. The cast is reasonably famous, there is Dominic Cooper, a rising star, I first saw him in Captain America, but his first launching point is in The Duchess. Not many other famous people are involved, Ludivine Sagnier isn’t that famous but I saw one of her movie already and she was great. This is a biography movie anyway so a famous star is enough, just like Gandhi. Golden cover, nice touch.

Plot Overvew:

The story of Uday Hussein, second son of Saddam Hussein, and his double Latif Yahia.

Movie Review:

I absolutely love it, I really like a good biography movie, cause I can connect with it, find articles about it, check the reality, cause some biographies are just unbelievable. Dominic Cooper did a fantastic job playing 2 characters, his Arabic accent is great, not straight on 100% but it is OK. Playing 2 characters is pretty hard, but he really nailed it, really bring out each other personalities. The rest of the cast did a fantastic job, Saddam Hussein actor look like him so much. The cinematography is great, love the mood that this movie bring. It have a very warm mood, really bring out the beauty and the danger of Iraq. Iraq is a very rich country, before the war of course. The sound effect is wonderful, I felt like it is stock sound from the internet, but it is just me cause I play around with sound a lot. The story is incredible, some may be fake but this is a story that is very powerful and it is an important trademark of Iraq. Everything is perfect in this movie, the acting the scenario, the fluidity between shots, they are just incredible to watch. Despite all that, it did get drag on a bit long, some scene are unnecessary, but they need to follow the book, and book readers tend to like their story in detail, I know I do.

Uday Saddam (Dominic Cooper) call on his old friend Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper) to be his double, doing public speaking and appearance. Latif disagree at first, but Uday threaten him, so he agree. He went through a series of operation to make him look perfectly like Uday, changing cheekbones, chin, hair… Latif didn’t take it seriously at first, so Uday beat him up, and say that he will kill LAtif family. Latif got angry, and took the job seriously. He doesn’t like being Uday, and the people around him. He also call Uday a psycho. Latif can’t stand Uday craziness, so he quit the job and run away with one of Uday prostitute, but later find out that she contact Uday and tell him where Latif is. Uday captures his father, but his father to him to stay there, and tell Uday to go to hell. Uday got angry and kill his father.

I like a lot of scenes in this movie, there is one scene where Uday yell at his father best friend because he bring Uday’s father (Saddam) prostitutes all the time, and leave his mother crying for herself. This show a emotional side of Uday, he loves his family, seems like all the bad guys have a soft side for their family, this scene twitch people minds around, and people say: Oh My God! He actually cares about something important”. A quote that I like is actually from Uday Hussein himself: “My father provide houses, food, clothes for the people of Iraq and only ask one thing in return, never raise a hand against him or his family”. The quotes sound like Saddam is good but he actually not, that’s call dictating, where the people will live by the rule and nothing but the rule set out by the president. I love this quote so much, it shows how powerful a person can be. I also like Latif payback scene, I hope it real cause it is so awesome.

Wait a minute!!!! If Dominic Cooper look like Uday so much that he got cast, he was lucky not to be the actual doubles!!!!

My Rate:  8/10


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  1. beautiful movie.

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