Erin Brockovich (2000)

Movie Overview:

I know this woman a long time ago, I read the news one night and one article was all about her. I didn’t quite know what she does or what she did and I was too lazy to read wikipedia back then. So I pick up this movie and watch. For one thing, Julia Robert win an Oscar in this movie so I think I’ll be up a good treat. I like Julia she’s great. The rest of the cast doesn’t have anyone pop out really much, except for Albert Finney, he was wonderful.

Plot Overview:

The story of Erin Brockovich, an environmental activist and a legal clerk.

Movie Review:

This movie is wonderful. I really love the story behind it, it move me as a person to be more hard-working. I find articles and story that I could dig so I could check the fact cause Miss Erin Brockovich is just awesome. I want to be like her if I want to be a lawyer. Julia Robert did a perfect job portraying Erin Brockovich in this movie, she is just so relax being a person that she have to portray, no wonders she won an Oscar. Albert Finney also did a tremendous job being her poor boss, who always get push around by her. His acting kind of being stomp on by Julia Robert acting, cause she is just so good, but if we skipped out Julia Robert part, he would be great also. He did got nominated for Oscar, tremendous cast. The cinematography is good, a biography doesn’t need great effect or creative camera work, mostly static shot and this move did a fantastic job doing just that. The sound effect isn’t that rich, mostly natural sound, but this is a biography movie so I won’t get picky on that since they don’t really need great uses of sound. The fluidity of the movie is just wonderful, it bring the audience from one crucial moment to another one. The story is powerful, but the movie did get a bit too long, but It is still great.

The story of Erin Brockovich (Julia Robert) a legal clerk. She a single mom who was struggling with money. A guy ram into her car and she sue him for money, but it didn’t workout because she was too hot headed and the judge acquitted the defendant, she got angry with the lawyer that she hire Ed Masry (Albert Finney), but later she want to work with him. She is a very hot headed woman, and won’t take any disadvantage suggestion for her. She obtain a direct-action lawsuit case of contaminant water supply of PG&E. She felt sympathize for the people effected by this, and went out on her free time to do research. George, a biker wanted to be with her, so he take care of her kids for her, which she had been struggle with. Everyday she went out and does research all over town, and end up neglected George and her kids, George felt like she was working too much, and he also missing his old hobby, so he left her. Despite all of that Erin still keep working, and finally close the case.

I love nearly every minute of the movie. My favorite scene is where she told the professional lawyer that want to interfere with their case every detail of a of a victim family, and tell her that she got ugly feet and shoes. I love that scene, it show how much she care for the people she research, not just for the money but for their benefit afterward also. Another scene that I like is the scene where she told the people in PG&E that they water was came from a well in Hinkley, the place where it was contaminated, and the woman who about to drink doesn’t dare to drink. Now after that the audience are sure 100% that the water is contaminated and they will support Erin all the way in the movie. The last scene I like is the final scene where Ed tease her and told her a quarter of a millions dollar that she offer isn’t appropriate fir a case like this, she flip out and yell at Ed, telling him about her hard working and her children need to be fed. But afterward Ed drop the check and it was 2 million dollar, he final expression was priceless.  This is one biography people need to see.

My Rate: 9/10


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