The Darkest Hour (2011)

Movie Overview:

Look in at the trailer and the poster it look quite impressive, it look like it will had great uses of effect and sound. The cast isn’t that famous, no one really pop out, even the director isn’t that famous, but they say the vision director is from Wanted, so it could be awesome. I watch this movie in a theater so the sound will be awesome nonetheless, actually theater can make any movie awesome, but I’m a movie watcher so I won’t be affected by the massive screen and expensive speakers much. Also they say: “Survive the holiday” Man! I won’t  go to Russia for holiday after this.

Plot Overview:

Energy beam alien from outer space invaded Earth and they wanted to seize the planet.

Movie Review:

It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either, for a thing it pretty predictable , and it got lack of scare,s even my nerd friend isn’t scare of it. It did have some very good effect, but it look like it could be done by an amateur, I’m talking about the light beam of course, not the consuming or the collapse building, that needed some cash and effort. The acting is OK, they did what they suppose to do, got scare, got consume, got angry… This is a disaster movie so I think they didn’t need expensive casts. The effect is great, I like the light beam, and the consuming effect is awesome. They have great uses of slow motion shot plus high paced shot. The fluidity of the movie is fair, as I say, It get pretty predictable. the sound effect is good, they alien sound effect is wonderful, the beam light beam sound, the gun sound… They all have great quality, but then movie watchers tend to dislike it cause it was too familiar already, the movie isn’t rich in sound,  and for a movie like this they suppose to. The mood that this movie bring is great, it dark and very distort. The movie was rated bad because it kind of not original, and it was very predictable what gonna happen next.

The story of Sean and Ben go on a business trip to Russia, and found out that their contractor had stolen their idea, a Russian guy with a  name Skyler. Sean and Ben were mad, but they can’t do anything. They went to a bar and met 2 girls Natalie and Anne. They communicate with each other and ask each other out. They took a picture, and the bar when dark, they go out side and they see these light beam falling from the sky, a policeman touch it and he turn into dust. Somehow they found a locked room and locked themselves in and wait for rescue. After a few day, they started to get tired and go out to seek rescue. Skyler got killed when he want to go out alone, but they were able to discover a room with light. They go to the light and find this guy name Sergei, supposedly he know what the light beam are and they way to kill them is with microwave. He created a microwave gun used to kill the aliens. A bit afterward, the light beam found the source of the light and go to the room. They consume Anne and Sergei, and after a while they got Ben also.  They went outside, plus they found out about a submarine that will carry refugees. They start to reach toward the sub marine, and came in contact with these Russian soldiers. They help each other to the sub-marine, they finally reach the sub-marine but somehow Natalie got lost and still wonder around on the land. Sean ask the sub-marine captain to delay the boarding time a bit to save Natalie. And Sean get on land and go and find her.

I usually doesn’t spoiled the ending, but Yes! They survive. In a movie like this somebody should make everyone die, so it could be original and more fun. I like all of the consuming scene, they are all very visually impress. I love those Russian guys who Sean and Natalie met after a while, they don’t give a damn about what’s happening, they all act like they know these alien, and they just want to have fun killing them. The movie isn’t terrible, but it is watchable., it could be better if they all die.

My Rate: 5/10


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