The Good Son (1993)

Movie Overview:

This movie got hit in my face were I go and search around for psychopathic movies to watch. I pick this up at random, and find out about the 2 young actors that are so famous today. Macaulay Culkin, you may know him from Home Alone, the movie franchise that was a bomb for both kids and adults in the 90’s.  Elijah Woods, you may know him from The Green Street Hooligans and The Lords of The Rings Trilogy, and new sequel will also be release. The rest of the cast isn’t pop out really much. I like David Morse, he is tremendous in 16 block, a very good actor for villain character.

Plot Overview:

Mark went to his uncle’s house for the summer and find out that his cousin Henry have a psychological problem.

Movie Review:

It is very good. The movie was very intense, it is very dark, and it show you how dangerous can a kid be. For one thing it is so nervous to watch this movie cause you will know what happen next, but it is unexpected.The acting is great, Macaulay Culkin did a fantastic job portraying a psycho kid, who will stop at nothing. Elijah Woods on the other hand was also tremendous, but I felt like he was being stomped on by the psychotic Macaulay Culkin. Culkin acting was very natural, and very cold in this movie, nothing like him when he was in Home Alone, he shown great range of characters that he can play in this movie, he out act everyone in the movie. The sound effect is OK, this is not a over the top killing movie so there were no needs for distort and annoying sound. It kind of lack of scare, but then when Henry appeared, you know bad things will happen. His present was felt.  The cinematography was great, it is very cold, and they have great uses of high and low shots. The mood that his movie bring is tremendous, you will felt sympathize for Mark, but at the same time, you got to love Henry. The story is good, it holds your hand until the end of the movie and it drop you right down to the hill (literally) for a very nice ending. This is a typical psycho movie, but it is more awesome when the psycho is a kid.

The story of Mark (Elijah Woods) after his mother die, and his father (David Morse) needs to go and sign some papers, so he drop him off at his sister-in-laws house. Mark met Henry (Macaulay Culkins), and they became friends. Henry seems to be very friendly at first. One day when they were playing out side and Henry took Mark to a well where he hide cigarettes, and ask Mark to smoke. After a while Henry showed Mark a hand made gun that shoots steel bolts, Henry tried to shoot a cat but he missed, the second time he hit the dog that chase them across the bridge one day, Henry and Mark bury the dog, and Mark started to feel strange about Henry. After a few days, Mark and Henry decided to bring a fake doll that Henry make and they drop it down the high way causing an accident, and Mark finally found out that Henry is a psycho. Mark tried to stop Henry from attempting another murder, but nobody believe him. Henry tried to kill his sister next, by throwing her in to thin ice and let her drown, but the people save her in time. Mark kept trying to stop the killing, and  the people around the house just call him crazy,  excepted for Henry’s mother, she felt something odd about Henry and decided to go to Henry’s shed, and found out that he actually kill their youngest son, Richard years ago. After a bit She got trick by Henry and he tried and push her down a cliff, but Mark got there in time and stop Henry. They fight with each other until both of them nearly fall down the cliff, and Henry’s mother is grabbing them by each hand, and both of them are slipping to their death.

I love the scene where Henry told Mark: “Don’t fuck with me” . Usually when a kid swear, people felt really angry at them ,and they say this is going to be spoiled brad later, but in here I gave him respect, he’s a kid but he know how to make a statement. I love the scene at the ice skating ring, Henry threw his sister to thin ice and let it break, his sister falls down and go out and pretend to help his sister. This scene a lone make him even cooler that Jason Statham, that scene show you how smart and evil can killer be. She is a 7 years old kid, and he try to kill her, that is one psychotic character. The ending scene also impressed me, kind of typical, but it is great. The first scene where Henry first appear, he wore a white mask, and that is the sign of evil straight away, look like Michael Myers when he first appear, and that is awesome. This is a movie people should watch, and think to themselves, sometime kids can be dangerous as well.

My Rate: 9/10


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