The Double (2011)

Movie Overview:

I go to my local DVD store and search for movie to watch, scrolling through so many films that doesn’t impress me much, people say don’t judge the book by its cover, but sometime a bad cover won’t do you any good. I enter the action section and the cover caught my eye. The actors on the cover aren’t so bad, Richard Gere, I love him in Primal Fear,  Topher Grace, he usually act as a good looking guy in movies, but his acting skill is great too, very nice performance in Spiderman 3 as the Venom. Martin Sheen also in the cast, he cool down a bit these days, but he was one of the most famous actors in the 80’s and 90’s.

Plot Overview:

Paul Shepardson had been searching for a famous serial killer name Cassius, Ben Geary a new agent joined the force and help to search for Cassius.

Movie Review:

It is OK, not bad, but not really good either. The movie had its fair share of intense moment and great effect, but the thing that make the movie isn’t really pop out in the year is because it’s lacked of good action. The fiber wire kill is great too look at, and that kind of the only good point in the movie, the movie has a nice turning point, and the acting is good. Richard Gere is very good at acting as a cold and very smart person, and this movie showed that. Topher Grace did a nice job too. Martin Sheen isn’t a very big character in here. The cinematography is good, the uses of cuts to make the all the fiber wires scenes are all very good, some scenes are pretty unnecessary but it doesn’t effect the story. The sound effect is good, kind of isn’t rich but it is fine. In an action movie sound is a big part, this movie doesn’t portray that really well, the movie is lacked of good sound effect. The story and the turning point is great, the trailer is kind of a spoiler itself, but don’t believe anything in the comment, the internet is full of people who only followed the many, and from one person it can lead to a horde of people who have the same ridiculous idea with them. The movie get a long in between.

The story of Paul Shepardson (Richard Gere) pretend to search for Cassius, which is himself, so he could have excuses to go out and search for for his family killer. Cassius is a skilled killer also, famous for his fiber wire kill. Ben Geary, a new agent did a lot of research on Cassius and he said that he will locate Cassius for the CIA, Paul wants to kill him, but saw his family and couldn’t do it. Paul started with Brutus a trained killer, who have been train by Cassius. Brutus swallow some batteries from a radio Ben give to him, he escape but got kill by Paul on his way out. Paul finally tracked down his family killer and advanced to executed the guy, at the same time, Ben found out about Paul being Cassius all the time, and start to make Paul uncomfortable, Paul warned Ben’s wife to pull out Ben before it is too late, but Ben doesn’t want to. Paul tracked his target down, and Ben followed Paul to the the location.

All of the fiber wired scenes are all so graphic, I love it so much. It is not in detail but all the cuts cover up for it. Not many scenes really interest me, except there is a scene where Paul told Ben’s wife to pull Ben out before it is too late and he also say: “Yur husband is approaching a very dangerous man, please tell him to stop”. The phrase right there means 2 ways, for the wife, she is scare because the reaction from Paul is scary when he said it, she is scared in one way, but Paul is scared also but in another way, he may be can’t control himself at one time and will accidentally kill  Ben and leave Ben’s family to tragedy. The movie trailer didn’t spoiled everything, plus the truth about Paul happen really fast in the movie, and the story went on after that, there are still many good sequences after that. Overall a fair movie to watch.

My Rate: 6/10


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