The Last King of Scotland (2006)

Movie Overview:

I want to watch this movie a long time ago, but I couldn’t because it’s mature rated, but I can pick it up and watch it without any block in my way caused I’m much older now. For one thing it interest me when it came out in the theater, It look simple and promising, I know Forest Whitaker already before that for his great acting in Platoon and Ghost Dog. James McAvoy reputation didn’t really launch off after Wanted, but I like him a lot, his accent is very thick in Scottish, but yet he can speak perfectly like an American or a British. Kerry Washington also in this movie, she is also a very good actor, and she has great figure. I don’t know much about Gillian Anderson, but she won a Golden Globe so she must be good.

Plot Overview:

Ugandan dictator Idi Amin met Scottish doctor Nicolas Garrigan, and he want him to be his adviser.

Movie Review:

I love it. The only disappointing thing is Dr.Garrigan isn’t real. The movie is so good at portraying the crazy dictator Idi Amin. They really bring out the culture of  Uganda  to the world, 80% of the world had no clue where or what Uganda is, but after this the number must have drop. Large amount of credit goes to Forest Whitaker for his tremendous performance as Idi Amin, he win an Oscar that year and I think he deserve it, his acting is neutral, and it make me believe that Idi Amin came back alive somehow, his accent, his cruel look, and his attitude are just perfect. Also James McAvoy did a wonderful job as the poor doctor, who get push around and punish by Idi Amin. Kerry Washington and Gillian Anderson din’t really jump out but they were nice addition to the movie, Kerry Washington holds a bigger character though. Somehow I also really like David Oyelowo in this movie, I don’t know him before this, but he is tremendous in this movie. The cinematography of the movie is beautiful, it very moody and very hot. The movie did a very great job of portraying Africa climate, it probably mostly natural lighting but I love it, I felt really warm watching the movie. Not much can say about sound mostly just conversation, but they have a lot of nice quotes. Although the story was fictional but It is a really great biography. It did get a bit long at the beginning, but after Idi Amin appeared, it gotten really fast.

A fictional story of Dr. Nicolas Garrigan went to Uganda for a volunteering medical doctoring. He encounter some co-worker Stone and Sarah. They help each other rescuing sick people in a camp. Later on Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) appear and make speech, promising foods, shelters, educations, health cares… for Ugandans and Dr.Garrigan seems to like him. But Sarah doesn’t like him, and say he is a dictator. After a bit Idi Amin car got hit by a cow and tip over, making him injured. They call on Dr.Garrigan for help, he arrived at the location and take care of the injuries, the cow that hit Idi’s car didn’t stop mooing so, Dr.Garrigan was very annoyed by it, so he took Idi’s gun and shoot the cow in the head. Idi’s troops aim at him but Idi told them to lowered it. Idi find out that Dr.Garrigan is a Scottish, and took his liking to him, cause Idi love Scotland a lot. Idi invite Dr.Garrigan to the capital with him, and later on offering him a job as his adviser. Through some fun and some rough time with Idi Amin, Dr.Garrigan found out that he is a really bad man, with a very hot temper. Dr.Garrigan also met Kay Amin, Idi Amin’s third wife, he had sex with her and got her killed. Dr.Garrigan tries to poison Idi Amin, but fail and he got severely punish. The name Last King of Scotland were named because Idi Amin open a parade crowning himself The Last King of Scottland.

 I love all the scene in the movie. I especially like a quote that Idi Amin make when he find out that he make a mistake sending foreign people out of Uganda because he think they are trouble, Dr.Garrigan told him before that he shouldn’t do that, but Idi’s didn’t listen. Later on he called Dr.Garrigan in and say: “Why don’t you warned me about this” Dr.Garrigan:”I did, but you wouldn’t listen” Idi’s replies: “Yes! But you didn’t persuade me”. That statement right make him crazier than ever. The audience will think in their head, this guy is such a big jerk, because I know you will make the same decision again Idi Amin. I really like the scene where Idi Amin first appear and make a speech there is some thing about that scene that really strike me. It look a lot like a documentary, but yet it is all acting, so I love it a lot. The last scene that I like is the bedroom scene where Idi got some respiratory problem  and called on Dr.Garrigan for help. Dr.Garrigan push Amin stomach up with a bar, and Idi farted releasing his gas that block his breathing system. A fart joke is usually very stupid, but somehow I love it here. Later on he sit down with Dr.Garrigan and talk about his path, he describe some bad things happen to him, somehow we found the starting point of his dictating after that. Tremendous movie to watch, a bit bit long in the beginning.

My Rate: 9/10



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