The Linsanity Continues.

Jeremy did it again, draining a game winning shot against the Toronto Raptors. Following by a very impressive run by him.

The last 10 days the NBA was all about Jeremy Lin and his tremendous work off the bench. What make his performance so good!!! Nobody knows, may be it is an Ancient Chinese potion elixir that switch his ability with Michael Jordan or he is just on fire these day. I’m JOKING! I believe he work really hard to improve his game, I’m not sure, but after Houston waived him, and The New York Knicks sign him, he had the motivation that may be he is still a player that the league interest in, so he work hard and will not let this opportunity slide. Around Asia people are cheering for Lin, although he is not really 100% Chinese, but seeing an Asian foe dominant the biggest basketball league, we are very happy for him.

Not to say there are none players that are Asians that made it to the NBA, there is Wat Misaka, a Japanese-American basketballer that is a first round draft pick in 1947, also a very short NBA player standing at 5’4. Later on there was Yao Ming, The Great Wall, standing at 7’6 second tallest NBA player ever, also the first Asian to make it to All-Star. Sun Yue was next on the list, but his performance isn’t noticeable, so he went back to China, to play for the CBA. Yi Jianlian also made it to the NBA, a role player for many team, he is also a tremendous shooter for his height. And Now is Jeremy Lin, drafted out of Havard, and he is showing his skill these day.

If Jeremy Lin keeps this up, He is going to be premiere player one day. GO LIN! GO LIN!

Also anyone who play NBA 2k12, you may want to update his stats, he can dunk, shoot 3p, and pass much better.


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