Goodfellas (1990)

Movie Overview:

The movie interest me in a massive way. The crew really stand out for me. first off the director is Martin Scorsese, he is one of the most famous director on Earth, giving us memorable movies, such as Taxi Driver, Casino, Raging Bull… The cast of course pop out the most. There is Robert De Niro, tremendous actor, he had been in so many memorable films such as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Once Upon a Time in America… Joe Pesci, a funny man who also a fantastic actor, most of the people know him from Home Alone 1 and 2, but his debut was in Raging Bull and Casino. Also the movie introduce a new actor, but his fame didn’t really advanced to the top, but I like him a lot also, Ray Liotta.

Plot Overview:

Story of Henry Hill, and his day in the Mafia business,

Movie Review:

I love the movie. It lead you from one event to another, the movie is tremendous at making the audience feel like they are walking along side with the characters, feeling sympathize or angry at them. Throughout the movie, we see the bad and the good things that happened to Mafia. The movie hold your hand through out the movie, and didn’t bored you much because all of the intensity and crude humor that the characters present. The acting were tremendous, Ray Lolita did a great job being Henry Hill, I love his laugh so much, it was very intimidating and funny. Robert De Niro doing what he do best being a mob boss, that will stop at nothing to achieve what he had, Robert De Niro always good at portraying a smart yet aggressive villain. Joe Pesci had a great performance, he won an Oscar for this movie, so you know he was perfect. He is so good at being a short and aggressive Mafia that we all love so much. I love it when he can’t even slap some guy on the head cause he was too short. Other additional cast also did a wonderful job, Paul Sorvino, Frank Vincent, and Lorraine Bracco. The cinematography of the movie were just perfect, really bring out the mood of the 80’s, the cars the costume were just perfect. The flow of the movie was just go good, rising action, climax, and falling action was clearly recognized. The movie is astounding at humoring you, and also make you feel bad at the same time. The story is so fascinating, the story is also describe the plan of one of the biggest heist in history of mankind, the Lufthansa Heist. The movie was perfect, the only bad thing that I can point out is the movie lacks of intensity, Scorsese movies like Taxi Driver, or Casino, they all feature some nice intense moments, but I couldn’t find one in this one.

The Story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) a former mobster. The story started when Henry was a teenage boy, he talked about his experience working as an errand boy for the Mafia, doing small time jobs, he got beat by his dad because he wasn’t in school all the time. He didn’t care about it much, he finally met Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro), who he look up to. Jim really like him and start asking him to sell cigarettes from a stolen truck, Jim also introduce him to his new partner Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). Henry got caught by the police for selling the cigarette and got brought to court, but he got release because they know he is with the Mafia. Henry got acquitted and return to the Mafia with cheers and welcome. Then he grow up doing the same thing every years, he became a good rank Mafia within the community, he also met his wife Karen on a double date with Tommy. The story went on, he, Jimmy, and Tommy being a trio all this time, Jimmy was very smart, and so does Henry, Tommy is a bit aggressive. After a while Tommy got promoted, but he got killed not so long after that, the police on Henry and Jimmy falls into a deep mental issue.

I love the plot so much, the story is true and it got lots of great moment involved. One scene I love is the scene where Tommy kill a guy, hide in his trunk, come back to his house with Henry and Jimmy, found his mother there, and yet he ask her for a shovel so calmly. Later on he even ask for a kitchen knife, I love that scene so much cause it can show you how much guts can a Mafia have, killing yet so calm. Another scene that I like is the scene the scene where Jimmy strangle a guy who wouldn’t pay his protection money, and Henry keep telling the guy to calm down and just pay Jimmy. The guy didn’t die, he say he will pay, and he only joking. That scene show you between a good mafia, and a bad mafia, in the sense of evil of course. The last scene that i like is the scene where they bury the guy Tommy kill, the background is bloody red, I know that that was definitely not that natural color, but it fit the mood perfectly. The movie is great, great cast, great story line, great technique, it just so much fun to watch.

My Rate: 9.5/10


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