Rush Hour (1998)

Movie Overview:

The 90’s was the century of Jackie Chan, throughout the world, every one must have heard of Jackie Chan somehow, dig deeper and people knows that he sacrifice his body so much for art of action movie. This movie was a hit. First impression would be Jackie Chan joining an American’s movie. Chris Tucker was a B rank comedian back then, after this his career launch. Brett Ratner also direct this movie, he is the action director that bring us many great action movies. For me Jackie Chan was my interest back then.

Plot Overview:

Inspector Lee visit America to rescue the consul daughter, and he met policeman James Carter, a very loud mouth person.

Movie Review:

The movie is awesome, it is both awesome in both the comedy aspect and the action aspect. Not so much on the other aspects but the two were enough. This sound like a Chinese martial art comedy (Shaw Brother), but it is not, it Chinese martial art with Western Style comedy, meaning talking funny, not slapstick funny.  Jackie Chan did a wonderful job, fighting and being funny at the same time. Chris Tucker was a very nice add, he doesn’t fight much, but I love it when he appear on screen, you just know bad things going to happened. The movie have a fair uses of sound, I usually prefer all of the swooshing, or the clinking sound of Chinese movie better, this movie uses Western sound effect,which is fairly boring sometime. Great uses of fighting powder, very smart of them to keep the same fighting principle. I don’t get into the story much, grab hold of the basic plot is my priority in a Jackie Chan movie, I only like the fighting scenes and the funny talking scenes, which there were a lot in this movie.

There is this girl name Soo Yung Which is the daughter of a Chinese Consul. Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) is a skilled officer and also a friend of Soo Yung. When Consul Han arrived in America, his daughter got kidnapped, he wants Inspector Lee to come to America and find his daughter, which the FBI don’t want Lee to. They ask an officer to lure away Lee. They land the job on Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker), but he got tricked for the job. Inspector Lee try and get away from James, but got caught every time, after a while, James agreed to work on the finding Soo Yung with Lee.They became friend along the way, they help each other in combat, and finding information about the Consul’s daughter. After many days of searching, they finally find the core  of the kidnapping and the story behind it.

This movie have so many good scenes, it very hard to pick the best one, or favorites. I love the scene where they first met, it was so funny and hilarious, also I heard Jackie Chan speaks English for the first time, which was very exciting for me and Jackie Chan’s fans, because we were so used to him speaking Mandarin or Cantonese. The first meeting scene is a trademark for one of the best trilogy of films ever made, it is a part of history that will stay there in the filming industries. Scenes that I love were obviously all of the fighting scenes of Jackie Chan, I never got tired of Jackie choreography style, just use your surroundings and fight. I love the scene where James talk on the phone with the kidnapper, he is so good at  portraying  annoying characters, I love Chris Tucker so much after this. The final scene I like was the scene in restaurant, I laugh so much on that scene, Chris Tucker is just blowing away, talking out loud, being ridiculous, he always best at those stuffs. This is a movie that people need to watch. It will entertain the hell out of you.

My Rate: 9/10



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