Generation Changes Through Games

For many years things had developed in such ways that people can’t imagine. I was born in the 90’s. I was born in a time where TV was in color, and Walkman music player was the best thing a teen could have. A glorious time where stylish car had square hood, people with long hair were cool and the time where Michael Jackson was at his best. The generation of epic gaming, where we thing side scrolling games with trees in the background were the most advance game graphic that exist, the time where Nintendo 64 or the PlayStation 1 first came out was the trademark of a life time for a kid, when the PlayStation 1 landed in front of my house, it was one of the best thing that ever happen to me. Back then, internet was only introduced, there was hardly anything on it, a Nokia phone was one of the most expensive thing on earth, and the only thing they could do is call, not even text messaging. CD was the most portable storing system, and 1GB of a file is unspeakably big. In a home computer system, who had a hard drive that can store up to 50GB of file was the coolest computer ever in the school, I got about 30GB, so I was in a good group. When I reached 8 years old, I got my first PS2, and I nearly destroyed the house with excitement, It was a bit late for a PS2, but when it first came out, the price was so high. It was the best childhood ever, some rough time battle for the controller with my friends, but it was still great.

Nowadays, kids were born in with flat screen TV, DVDs, Blu-ray, Iphone, Ipod, Ipad… And I don’t blame them for being distracted by those thing, it is just their generation, unless they were born in an Amish family (people who prefer living without advance technology), or they were poor, I’m not talking about those case. Well, in the 60’s getting a 12 inches TV needed a lot of money, but today 12 inches TV is a cheapest thing you could buy, small TV means poor, so for the less fortunate people, things do change a bit for them, not for the Amish, they prefer Medieval living style forever. It’s just their culture, and I respect it. Kids having smart phones, that can take pictures, text, play games, or listen to music, some of them not even aware that 70 years ago the camera was bigger than a dresser. Once again I don’t blame them, it is just the generation that they were born in. I do catch up with today generation a bit, I have a Nintendo Wii at home, I don’t have Iphone, simply because I don’t like it.

Gaming is probably the best way to see generation changes, the banner above show gaming graphic from generation through generation. People was very impressed with the pong console back in the day, because it able to keep score, and the “ball” move with a nice logical pattern. Later on the game developed to 8 bits, a unit of graphic in computing, the game finally had colors and there were a lot of game to choose from, then they move to 16 bits, game were getting better, the colors were richer, objects were better drawn. Later on some claims to make the game 32 bits even 64 bits.  Other things we could compare is the TV or the computer, in the 50’s computers were huge, and they were only used for simple task like calculating. TV had improve, TV back then were 20 inches best, and the screen will hurt your eyes really bad, now we got LED TV, it is huge, and it won’t hurt your eye, unless you tape your eyes to the screen.

Parents tend to yell at kids for staying up late playing games or watching TV, and sometime it is right to do that and some time parents are just jealous of what kids could have, since they were little, I know I will yell at my kids one day for being in a hologram interactive games world for so long, I will flashback to this moment, and leave my kids alone, unless it’s 11pm in the night, I will kick their butts, at that time nothing is good (this had been around for centuries).

So any parents out there, just understand that it is only the technology that make your kids sit around a TV, or a computer all day, It kinda like you guys when you sit around all day read comic books, or playing football out side all day long when you were young.


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