Airheads (1994)

Movie Overview:

This movie was on sale for really cheap, and I don’t really get it, on the poster they shows  three great actors and comedians of Hollywood. Steve Buscemi, the star of board walk empire, Reservoir Dogs and many other memorable film. Adam Sandler, one of the biggest comedian in the world, making some of the best comedy movie in Hollywood, ranging from small time comedy, to big time comedy. At last is Brendan Fraser, most famous for The Mummy Trilogy, George of the Jungle to The Air I Breathe. The movie had a lot of impressive factors, I think the reason that it was unpopular, because back then these guy weren’t really a big time actors, so I got forgotten.

Plot Preview:

Three would be rockers Chazz, Rex and Pip, known as The Lone Rangers plan to play their demo on a recording company, but then they’re turned down rudely. Then they decide to try the famous rock n’ roll radio station, but are not accepted either. Then they decide arm themselves with squirt guns and take the station hostage for not playing their demo. But the three get more than what they have bargained for.

Movie Review:

This movie is good, not the best comedy out there , but it is acceptable. The movie gave me a nice feeling afterwards, and I really enjoy its comedy element, not to0 wild not too stupid. The cast did a wonderful jobs, 3 famous actors in their youth, making a very nice trio for the Hollywood world. Brendan Fraser in long hair, really nice fit, he was great though. Steve Buscemi, great as always, being such a ridiculous character, always good to have him in a comedy movie. Adam Sandler, still young in the movie but always delivered great humor to us. I like the pace and the fluidity of this movie, ranging from one nice scene to another. The story made good sense for a comedy movie, It is clearly written and smarty portray. The three can’t really sing well, but they do made believable rockers. I’m surprise that this movie was kind of lacked in music, for a musical comedy movie we should see some nice tracks, but I’m not blaming them, cause this wasn’t all about music, the theme was music, not the main plot.

I love many scene in this movie especially the scene where we know that they were holding a water gun, but the one that they are confronting didn’t have a clue, It was a really nice scene, It gave me an urge to see when will the people know that it is a fake gun. there was a guy who the robbing band didn’t see, and he just fumbled around, forcing him self into many stupid situation, the movie gave me a sense of Die Hard in there, and I think that is what they were aiming to parody with that particular characters, the officer and a unnoticed person inside a rob-in-progress building having a discussion about their family and the tactics.  The last scene that I like is the scene where they actually get a real gun, and the police back away fearlessly from a misfiring. It is a nice movie to kill time, and a very good comedy movie.

MY RATE: 7/10


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