Population Explosion!

Over the last 60 years, the population of the world has increase at an alarming rate, and it changes the world population dramatically. It is causing a huge negative impact on the world environment and resources, which will run out in the future. There is a theory that if we can raise people’s living standard and make them rich, the population will be stable and will help lessen the impact on the population.

“We cannot have an infinite number of people living in a finite world”. Paul Ehrlich, an expert on population, gave this statement. What he meant was we cannot have a lot of people living in a world that have limited resources. All living things in the world need to consume important resources, like water, air, and foods. One of the resources that will run out in the future is the clean water resource. The world clean water resource is running out, there are many rivers in the world that are now running drought because of the highly amount of used water due to the amount of people living near that river. Water will not run out, but clean water will certainly do. A lot of African countries don’t have clean water, and that will cause a lot of disease, some people might say that will help to low the population down, but it’s a very harsh way of doing it. So a lot of rich countries in the world are helping the Africans to have a better life by giving them clean water supply, because if the disease spread out of Africa, there will be some problems to the world. In order to solve the problems, a lot of countries in the world now take sea water and convert it into clean water, and gave it to the people, if they don’t have a good water-pipe system. One country that have achieve in this is Brazil where they gave each house a clean water supply each day, but they don’t have a good water-pipe system, so it is a very great thing to do.

There is a theory that if we raise people living standard by giving them good education system or provide shelters, the world population will be decrease. In a lot of poor countries, like in African’s countries, people don’t have good educated mind, so their birth rates is very huge. Take Niger as an example, they have the birth rate of 7.3 per couples, that’s mean one family will have at least 7 children, while in America, there only 2.4 per couples. Hans Rosling, the co-finder of Gapminder, a program of measuring countries income, and population has set world economic into three groups, the developing countries and poor countries, like Vietnam, or Rwanda, it got state as middle and low income countries. For rich countries, like America, or Japan it got state as high income countries, this means that the world is unequal and this is how the world population is working right now, uneven. A lot of countries in there world are donating money to the UN to help building a good education place for a lot of countries in Africa. This will help the people to realize that having too much babies are bad for the world and themselves, and that will low down the fertility rate in a lot of Africans countries.

One of major impact of population rising is the environment. There are a lot of forests in the world that have been deforestation, because all of the available resources just aren’t enough to serve the people. Deforestation gives a lot of resources that a human life needs, like a wood table, a chair, or a bookshelves, so deforestation helps the needs of human not the environment, and later the environment will not serve the human life much. One city in the world right now is having a great idea to help decreasing deforestation, and their solution is recycling. The city is Curitiba, a country at south of Brazil. Each day they recycle about 300 tons of recycling material like tin cans, and papers. All of those materials will be recreating as what they are again, and then they got recycle again, then they fall back to the same pattern again. So Curitiba is best known for their recycling idea.

There have been population explosions in 60 years. Due to a lot of population expert measurement, in one thousand year before the world war, the world population was sustainable, it growth at the same rate every year. But after the World War II, the world population had gotten out of control. 60 years ago, the world only had 2 billion people, and that is how much people in millions of years form. At the 60’s, where modern medicine had been developed, there are less people die, and more babies were born [see graph above].

Around 200 years ago, the highest life expectancy is only 40, but nowadays the highest life expectancy is 85.China birth rate had gone up to 5.6 per couples, and far in the past they stay at the same rate. Another country that has the same problem is India, their populations keep increasing, and part of the problem is because India and China have been there for a long time, but the main cause is their high fertility rate in almost every year in history. If there are too much people, some will be force to migrate to another country. The government won’t be able to control the people activity. If there are too many people living in a country, there will not be enough resources to serve the people living standard, and not enough education system to help children to be educated, therefore it will cause criminal activity, and increasing poverty. In China there is a policy known as the: “1 child policy” which a couple only allows to have one baby. This has low China birth rate down to 1.8 babies per couples, and that have made a signification change to the world fertility rate. In India, they don’t use “1 child policy” much but they have other solution like giving out free condoms, and free vasectomy operation, this would help to low down the fertility rate of India, but still have higher fertility rate than China because those factors aren’t enough to get a couples to not having sex too much, compare to China “1 child policy”. However, this does cause problems, China have a very high rate of female infanticide, because Chinese like there child to be male, if they only allow to have one child, so in China there are a lot of abortion, which usually people describe as a tragedy.

So there are a lot of factors that impact the world population, not enough resources education system. Too much babies were born, and the world is too polluted. The world has solved some of the problems. If the world can solve all of the problems the world will be sustainable and in-control.   But that is considering as impossible.



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