Why does the moon stay with Earth ?

Moon and Earth has been friend for many years, and there is a question that has been bother mostly all the scientists in the world, Why isn’t the sun pull the moon toward its when the sun’s gravitational pull is much stronger than Earth.

The Sun gravitational pull has been measure approximately double the gravitational of Earth. The moon in the middle has very little gravitational pull. The Sun is approximately 94 million miles away from Earth.The moon is in the middle. What influence the sun gravity is its mass, the mass of the Sun are much larger than the Earth mass. The moon of course has very little gravitation on it and it usually pulls the Earth water or the sun flare depends on where it’s facing.

The gravity force doesn’t just depend on how strong it is, another important factor for that is the distance, The distance between Earth and the Moon is much closer than the sun and the Moon, that is a major influence to the gravitational pull of the Sun, but the sun gravitational pull is to strong, distance just not going to be enough. In Space there are lots of meteoroids, so that can help the Earth a little bit. Notice that between Earths there are two others planet and that is Mercury and Venus. Those two planets lower the pull of the sun on the Moon,  which help the Earth pretty much a lot, we all know that the Earth move around its orbit so some time in the year the pull of the Sun will be stronger on the Moon, because the orbit of Earth is not completely rounded, it is an oval shape, so there’s going to be a far point as well as a closer point. Every year the Moon is moving away from the Earth inches by inches. All of the factors above will not going to stop all of the sun gravitational pull impact on the Moon, so the Moon will be no longer with the Earth in some point in the future, but that future is billions of year away in the future.

So there are many factor which support the Earth to keep the Moon for itself, and that is distance, position, and obstacle in between, also the gravity of the Moon impact only just a little bit on this, due to it gravitational pull on Earth.

I’m no scientist, this was base on my research in free time, so many factors could be false, or may be the whole thing is wrong, it is just my opinion. If you like to add some extra information feel free to do so in the comment box. Have a Great Day!


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