The “Lost World” Theory!

First off all this is just my opinion on all of the mysterious events on Earth that have trouble all scientists around the world. Supposedly all of these artifacts were found and scientists could figured out how it was invented, or why was it invented. Also some structures were also also strangely build, and archaeologists have no clue on how was it construct. This is my theory for all of this madness.

The things that troubled most of people are the Pyramids, no one had gave a clear theory on how was it built. Some other wonders included the Stonehenge, The Sphinx, or the  Easter Head Island. Those construction cannot be explained. I used to thing it was fairies who did those (may be), but on the science standpoint, I would say this was purely man-made. I believed that Earth years start really early, even before our calculated time, and it had been developed to the kind of world that is similar to today, only the perspectives were different. What I mean is, may be we already have cars, crane (used to build large structure), clocks (Antikythera  watch)… Those things were invented and used wisely, but at a point of time, a really big earth quakes or meteorite struck the Earth and wiped the world completely away, a few humans survived, and the world keep on going without the lost story. The leftovers are some structures, The Pyramids, The Stonehenge, the Mayan’s tower… That is my theory because, I don’t think that people in 300 hundred years ago till today can developed a train to a Ferrari car, but not the people 100 million years ago. Soneone say that the purposes for the building cannot be defined, I would say that they can be used for something we cannot understand, because people had a different mindset 100 millions years ago.

I’m no scientist, this is just my theory, it likely to be wrong, but who cares right! Please fell free to add anything, but if my theory somehow correct, and I heard it in the news, somebody will be in trouble 🙂



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  1. Many of the civilisations which constructed these ancient monuments have indeed disappeared, although for the most part it wasn’t caused by anything as dramatic as a huge earthquake or meteorite. The Egyptians, for example, were simply conquered by neighbouring empires whilst disease and famine (amongst other things) finished off the Mayans.

    That said, I’m not sure even at the peak any of these civilisations reached anything close to our current level. Whilst they were by no means primitive they weren’t especially advanced either.

    • I agree, they can’t reach our level of technology, when I mean a big earthquake or something like that I mean some kind of horrible disasters, in your case would be diseases, I agreed with it, I know the story. I just think may be the technologies that helps to build these thing were lost, may be it not a crane to build the pyramid, may be it could a really large wrench, I didn’t say that the Ancient people go around and talk on the phone, I just say it may be similar to what the technology is today! I know about the Egyptian stories also the Mayans but somehow I got a feeling that these people were the most advanced people in the planet at the time, they have radioactive element in their pyramid, also some traps (I’m not sure about this I saw it in movies LOL!), just may be they are the advance people who already peaked the advance technology.

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