Warrior (2011)

Movie Overview:

I could see a lot of interesting thing in this movie. The poster look kind of nice, 2 muscular guy on the front, looks like it gonna be a fighting movie. Nick Nolte was the first impression came to my mind, I first saw him in Cape Fear, and through many great movies afterward. I know Tom Hardy in Bronson, not much else. I didn’t know the rest of the cast, but this movie was very high in score for both the metacritic and the IMDB rating so it should be good.

Plot Overview:

Tommy Conlon returned home after running away because he can’t his father alcohol habit. He found out that his father had sober up and wants his sons back.  Another son of him name Brendan left him for the same reason, Brendan was an MMA fighter but quit it because of his family, becoming a teacher, but the money wasn’t enough for expenses, so he went back to fighting. A big league arrived and the prize money will help Brendan dramatically, but his brother Tommy also want to fight, for the purpose of proving that he is the ideal son from the house as he felt left out when he was young.

Movie Review:

This is one fighting movie people got to watch, it has it all, great action, great drama, and the story behind it is very meaningful. The movie gradually lead you through the story and you will be compel to watch till the end, both waiting for the fight and to see how the story end. The choreography wasn’t Jackie Chan style, it stick more to the truth, and the fighting look likes it on TV with more creative camera angles. The story will enlighten the fighting up, as in you want the main characters to win badly. Nick Nolte did a great job here, his acting really influence the viewers, you will feel sympathize for him throughout the movie, as well as Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, that’s how good the movie is. Tom and Joel also did a wonderful job, I really like their characters and how characteristics are the same but deflect each othr at the same time. The mood that this movie bring was awesomem it is very dramtic, and itense during the fighting segment. The movie didn’t tries to hard to be wonderful and that is the thing that makes this movie so great. Although, the tournament did get annouced to soon in the movie, and the audiences could want to ignore the detail of the story in between and just want to see the fight, not for me, I like a good story more than a good fight.

My favorite scene is when Nick Nolte first appear, he look like a very nice old man, which in mostmovies he is, but in this one he doesn’t look relly wise, I say that because he always a wise guy in lots of his movies. He confront his son, and it give the audience a confusion of what is going on, who fault is it that his family end up this way, from the first look of the scene nobody would knows, because both of them look horrifying.  The second scene that I like is the scene where the two brothers meet with each other again, and the story was fully explained after that, making me eager for the fight, because after that conversation, both of them have reasons to win, and both make great sense. The last scene that I enjoy is the final fight, people should expect that the two brother end up in the final fight with each other, but how it end really make me love this movie.

MY RATE: 9/10


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