Cellular (2004)

Movie Overview:

This movie jumps put to me in the DVDs shop. I took a nice glance at this and I decided to buy it in DVD9. The first crucial impression is Kim Basinger, she was so great in L.A Confidential, she won an Oscar for it to prove her talent for that. The general impression would be Jason Statham, the ultimate British action star of the 20’s, he should had played James Bond, but he was too cool to play James. Also there are Chris Evans and William H. Macy, I don’t know much about William H Macy, I did watched Fargo and he was so good in there. Chris Evans on the other hand, probably best known for his role as Steve Rogers, the Captain America. This movie could be action packed, or a very intense Thriller, mostly because of Jason Statham.

Plot Overview:

A young man receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman who says she’s been kidnapped, and thinks she’s going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn’t know where she is… and his cell phone battery might go dead soon.

Movie Review:

“The plot sound intense enough but will the movie be”, that is what came to my mind when I purchased the DVD, and frankly it is very intense. This movie pace was unbelievably fast, not that it is very short, it runs for 1h30 minutes, but it feels like it is only an hour or even 30 minute long. Casual movie watchers like me will find this movie extremely fast, people who watched limited movie will find this movie having a good pace. What makes this movie so fast is I think the story in general, it is a simple plot, and it could produces many climax, the variety of troubles the characters get in is the elements that make this movie really fast. The performances by the cast is good. Kim Basinger outshines everyone in the movie, she always tremendous at these type of role. Jason Statham isn’t that cool in this movie, but his present is felted. Chris Evans is great in this movie, he added his nice style of coolness to the movie. William H Macy is nice, his present is critical in the movie. Also Jessica Biel is in the movie, she is not a full time actress anyway. The cinematography is powerful, the constant changes in cameras angles, shots and movements really enhanced the intense capabilities of this movie. Not only that the movie also struck you with continuous situations that will made you dying to see what will the solution be, sometime you can guess it some time it just like a Mission Impossible  scenario. This movie keep a low profile of shooting, but somehow it doesn’t lacked the action. Despite all of that, the movie wasn’t really a top action or thriller movies, but it is one of the fastest movie I ever encountered.

I don’t think I could picked out my favorite scene, because the whole thing for me was kind if a scene in general, so I think I will take out the first scene, the car chase in between, and the part which is a spoiler alert so I won’t comment on that. The first scene is the kidnap scene of Kim Basinger, it is just 3 minute in the movie and they show us what is going on already, this create a foundation for this whole toppling movie. The car chases is awesome, It kind of a chase against time where Chris Evans need to get to his destination before his phone battery when dead, it is like a video game with a time limit, and you need to figured out ways to get to the goal. These chases last for 50 min but I felt like it was only 5 minutes when it reaches its end.

MY RATE: 9/10



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  1. I’m glad that you liked this film as I think it is really really good, I haven’t watched it for a while now but I know how enjoyable it is.The story is simple but intriguing I think; there’s not a part of the movie where you think ‘yeah I’m gonna turn this off’ because you want to see what happens next. It is fast paced and the story is simple but it’s great entertainment and well worth watching.
    I also really like Chris Evans (the only good part of the Fantastic Four films) and have liked him in Sunshine, Captain America, The Losers and every other film I have seen him in. He has a bright future ahead of him, that’s for sure.
    Good film.

  2. i love the movie thanks for ever did it

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