The Three Stooges (2012)

Movie Overview:

I saw the trailer before I watched the movie: The Avengers, and it interested me at a nice level, I had heard of The Three Stooges since I was a kid, it was really funny, especially the goofy-ness and the sound effect of the show, it was a definition of slap stick comedy. Usually I do not like remakes because apparently 80% of it suck, but I will give this one a try. First thing, they did get all three stooges correct appearances correct, and I’m glad. I couldn’t recognise all three of the actors, I did recognise Will Sasso, he was in a very funny TV series: Madtv, his trademark was the impression of Steven Segal. Also the directors were the Farrelly brother, the famous sibling comedy directors that brought us Dumb and Dumber, and Me, Myself and Irene. Nothing else impressed me, the trailer was pretty good.

Plot Overview:

Left on the doorstep of an orphanage run by nuns, newborns Moe, Larry and Curly grow up finger-poking, nyuk-nyuk-nyuking and woo-woo-wooing their way to uncharted levels of knuckleheaded misadventure. Now their childhood home may have to close due to financial difficulties. But Larry, Curly and Moe, employed as the foster home’s inept maintenance men, are determined to come to the rescue. Only The Three Stooges could become embroiled in an oddball murder plot – while stumbling into starring roles in a phenomenally successful TV reality show. Written by Press kit

Movie Reviews:

Through the style of comedy and usage of language, It was still aiming towards kid, but I kind of objected that. The movie contain two swim suit models with huge “torso”, Kate Upton, and Sofia Vergara, I had nothing agaisnt them, they were good actresses as well, but
I’m pretty sure all of the teenagers and adults first impression of these women weren’t their costume. Also they featured: The Jersey Shore, also not a show for kids, after seeing all of that, I didn’t think this was mainly for kids, although I do think they tried to introduced The Three Stooges to this generation, and I think they did, kids were laughing out loud in the cinema. I did enjoy it, I think it was pretty clever, they did not emphasize on creating a new style for the stooges, they kept the same confused mood like the old The Three Stooges movie, and frankly I love it. Any vintage The Three Stooges fans would love this remake, but in another perspective, like teens or non-stooges fans, they could find this a bit boring, I’m talking about the one who would prefer a contemporary style of comedy, like 21 Jump Street. I thought it was nice, I’m not a big stooges fan but I love a good slapstick comedy. The acting was adequate, Moe actor, Chris Diamantopoulos looks a lot like Robert De Niro in this movie, weird! Will Sasso was cute, and Sean Hayes did a good portraytion of Larry. The retro value that they were keeping was quite risky but they did it with a fantastic standard. The story was quite nice, had a good rising, climax and falling action, it was able to keep the intensity to went on. However, the comedy element was really classic, like a Charlie Chaplin style, if you were looking for a more upbeat and crude comedy, this is not for you, try 21 Jump Street or The Dictator instead.

Most of the scenes in the movie were kind of a recycle of the old one, all of the movements, and the sound were exactly the same, but they had a nice modern value to it. First of, I really love the Iphone scene, partly because I used to do the joke myself, EyePhone! Secondly, the scene where Curly belly stomp the monsignor, that was pretty awsome, it was in the trailer. The third probably would be Moe being on the Jersey Shore Show, which was hilarious as hell, I just love how Moe messed with the cast in their, and frankly I thought every one had a good time in this movie.

MY RATE: 8/10


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