The Dictator (2012)

Movie Overview:

Anyone would agreed with me that the first impression of this movie was Sacha Baron Cohen from Borat and Bruno, dated back a bit there was Ali G. Sacha had always been famous for his deflective style of comedy, his impoliteness in Borat had got him many reward, but somehow in Bruno. people say he went a tad too far. The movie trailer appeared sometime at the beginning of the year and it got everybody hypes up, especially Borat fans. The trailer made it looked like it gonna be another middle eastern teasing comedy, which is fine with because sometime the best jokes are racist jokes. This is just going to be another rude comedy, that will enlightened half of the audiences and piss the other half off. the other impression that wouldn’t be appeal to non casual movie watchers would be Ben Kingsley, and Anna Farris. Anna Farris is famous for he role as Cindy in he Scary Movie series, she is also a tremendous actress, she have starred in many of my favorite movies, and of course Ben Kingsley. Sir Ben Kingsley is most famous for Gandhi, he is one of my top 10 actors, his performance in Gandhi had granted him the title Sir Ben Kingsley, and until now he is a legend in the Hollywood world.

Plot Overview:

The Republic of Wadiya is ruled by an eccentric and oppressive leader named Hafez Aladeen. Aladeen is summoned to New York to a UN assembly to address concerns about his country’s nuclear weapons program, but the trip goes awry. Written by Sam

Movie Review:

If you expecting a rude and extremely racist comedy, you got it. This movie is greatly done from top to bottom. I wouldn’t say it is better than Borat, because this was a scripted comedy, which deflected Sacha style of comedy, despite that, it is still a great comedy. What made it so funny is the element of ironical, and crude humor flows within each other very well. The movie is racist as hell, but it didn’t falsely describe any race of people. All you will see will be stereotype after stereotype judgement. The movie doesn’t back down from making a joke, every single joke out there are very clever and rude. The film mostly make fun of Americans, and dictators lack of common sense. Asians was also being make fun of, Bobby Lee play the China governor, and he was like a walking crude humor machine, when ever he appeared, it’s a sexist and racist mayhem. Sacha did a fantastic job as always, Ben Kingsley kind of shaded in the background a bit, but his character is a very important key to the movie. Anna Farris also does a tremendous job, although her character wasn’t really impressive. If you watched the trailer, you will also recognized John C Riley, but he is killed very early into the movie. The dark humor elements of this film is really dark, like pitch black dark, I’m very amused that my local theater allowed kids to watch this movie, I saw the pg-16 of this movie coming when the movie was just even appear on IMDB. By that the movie kind of limited their audiences range a bit.

My favorite scene would be the tortured scene on Aladeen, it was so funny to see that tortured equipments was Aladeen expertise, one items after the other Aladeen all knows it, since it is a movie making fun of Middle Eastern or in this case, Wadiya is in the Africa part which lack of knowledge people still think that it is Middle East Asia. It is true that Middle East had  a lot of tortures equipment, and this movie is very clever of including it. The other scene that I like is the scene where, he done having sex with Megan Fox and put the photo on his sex wall of all the people he slept with, at first we thought it was only a little amount of people, but later on the showed the whole wall and wow! In conclusion it is a very clever comedy, DO NOT bring kid to this movie.

MY RATE: 8/10


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