Ebooks and Books!!?

I did a little survey a few days a go and here is what I came out with:

People who prefer books: 70%

People who prefer eBooks: 30%

Well! After this quick little survey, It’s safe to say that people still want to use books to read rather than having an electronic display of it. When I asked them why, most of them say it is the common sense of flipping a book, or bookmarking them that made them prefer books more. Also they say  that books can be easier to manage, you can have a generic bookshelf, and it can store mostly about 30 books, and scanning through them is more fun than having a virtual endless shelf in your tablet devices. Lastly, they say books are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the bookshelf that fill with books can add a more elegant feel to the study room, most studies are filled with all sort of books, some can be up to 2 buildings, and will need a ladder to gain access to some books.

When I asked the eBooks people. They quoted that eBooks are more accessible, than books. Also they say that there are tons of books for free online that you can download and read during your free time, where it is not the same as books, books sometime are hard to find and very space consuming.  To top it off they also claimed that eBooks have search function, which really come in handy when you have like a 1000 books, scanning through books in the library can be annoying, and often they don’t have the book you want, so you end up wasting all your time.

I lean towards book more. Books to me is something that will never die. It has been around for generation, from a series of ink stamp on the paper to electronically printers, books always create a better mood for me. One reason being is that books, only have words in it, and it doesn’t cause eye strain (well they will if you read a book for 10hours straight, but what is the chance of that). Also some book can’t turned into eBooks, all those manuscripts, and scrolls will never be thrown away, after they scan it, because some time the paper material can add reference to the text somehow. Despite that, I do have an Ipad, and there are eBooks on it, that was just because I couldn’t find it anywhere. I do like the eBooks, and I agree with the criticism people made on book. My house just can’t afford anymore space. However, if you give me 2 version of the same novel, book and eBooks, I would choose the raw version any day.

There also another version of books called audio books, where people listen to a person read the novel for them. That can be very convenient for multitasking. In my opinion, audio books is very good for those of you who is an auditory learner, where you need to listen to something in order to adapt to it. Audio books is very popular among teenagers as they sometime do not want to read the book themselves. Having some one read it for you can be more accurate, if the person is native of course. While it have its benefit, It does have disadvantages.   Audio books are very limited in quantity, only some famous novels can have audio books with them. Under-evaluated books usually do not have audio books, and that can be painful sometime. I have a book about the Three Kingdoms of China, it is about 2000 pages, and with that lengths, forget about audio books. Finally, academic novels never have audio books, as they want the students to read it obviously.

Well! I should finish up here, All of those type of books have ups and downs, but in the end the paper books always will be prefer by all of the bookworms in the world.


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  1. A Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff September 1, 2012 — 9:14 am

    I wrote a blog post about the pros and cons of books and eBooks which got Freshly Pressed the other day – lots of bloggers said that even though they have an e-reader they still buy printed books. I think there is a place in the world for both. http://cer90cer.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/the-rise-of-ebooks-evil-or-essential/

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