Scarface (1983)

Movie Overview:

This is probably one of the best movie out there. The movie featured one of the most famous star in the world, Al Pacino. I have followed his movies from Serpico to Jack and Jill, I didn’t get to watch all of his movies, but I can proudly announced that I watched most of it. Every time Al Pacino  does a movie, it always strike the Hollywood world, then and now. I would say Al Pacino was the only impression on the movie back then. Brian De Palma, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, and Mary Mastrantonio hadn’t really make an impact yet, which make sense since Al Pacino is the only name on that monochrome color cover. The cover sort of give me a “noir” feeling, as I think the movie will somehow related to the old Scarface movie. Brian De Palma isn;t really famous now, but back then, after Scarface, he is a renowned director. Movie like this, you really need to focus and watch, as you are not watch for fun, you are watching for detail.

Plot Overview:

In 1980 Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed.

Movie Review:

Any one who watched this movie would agree that this movie is the best movie about mafia in the 80’s. Tony Montana was the only character that stood out to me during the 80’s. I’ve watched Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Untouchable, and really, none of those character make a bigger impression in my mind than Tony Montana. Even my favorite movie reviewer, The Angry Video Game Nerd, listed the movie as one of his favorites, and he watched nearly every movies. The movie lead you through the life of Tony Montana, from being among the group of Cuban immigrant, to the most famous mobster in Miami, a long the way, we sympathize with him in many situation, as well as learnt from his greediness, and his anger management issue consequences. The story struct the audience emotionally, as we can’t really pin point on if we should love or hate Scarface. His brotherly love for his sister had no boundary,and he respect his family, despite that his mother won’t accept him as her son. The acting was fantastic, Al Pacino went from a quiet, and intelligence son of a Mafia family to a hot-headed Cuban immigrant. From his posture, body language to the voice, he nailed all of it. Al Pacino cast a big shadow over the movie, as we don’t really care for the rest of the character, just him. The rest of the crew did a fantastic job, but none of their reputation really rocket. The mood that this movie brings is fantastic, this movie and many other movies, including video games portrait the 80’s and 90’s Miami as a very beautiful place, with a beautiful afternoon scenery. They also employ on describing Miami as a very famous drug land, which in this movie it is cocaine, where in Blow, it is marijuana, and in GTA: Vice City it’s arm trading, so in conclusion Miami is a very “cool” place. Of course I’m not going to judge in the special effect, and sound as this movie was released in a very early era of high-tech editing.

One scene that I love is the scene, where Scarface shows up in his house, after 5 years, loaded with money and wearing fancy clothe. Gina, his sister, seems to like him very much, but his mother still treated him as a bum: “He’s a bum then, and he’s a bum now!” quoted by Mama Montana. The scene showed that Scarface respect his mother very much, as he just heed whatever insulting comment his mother make on him without an impolite respond. One surprise thing is he swear pretty much every time outside, but when he met his mother, he is very polite. The second scene that I like is the scene where he shot his boss in order to gain reputation and revenge. The scene is like a drawn line, and a new chapter begin, as Tony Montana reign. The scene that everyone love, if watched this movie, will be the ending scene, the mansion shootout, it’s all over YouTube, just watch it, and see how tough Tony is.

MY RATE: 10/10


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