Expendables 2 (2012)

Movie Overview:

People who do not know who the casts are aren’t deserve to watch the  movie.  This movie, as I predicted, will have a lot of related phrases, and scenario that is similar to the actors previous films. For anyone that doesn’t know, these actors ruled the 80’s 90’s and the 20’s action movie world with memorable ass-kicking film like: The Terminator, Rambo, Once Upon a Time in China, The Transporter. Followed up by the success of Expendables 1, they made this movie with an addition of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, and Scott Atkins. These actors all all action stars. This movie is like a mash-up of all the old heroes in the Hollywood world, the people who we once play a video game about them, the people who we pretended to be in the bedroom, the people who shoot at our screen, fight in amazingly choreograph fights, and of course, a lot of one-liners.

Plot Overview:

The Expendables took on another job, but this time they met some real hard-boiled villain

Movie Review:

There are two aspects I can view this movie with. The fans, and the “people who don’t know anything about movies in the 80’s and 90’s, who saw the trailer on TV or somewhere, thinking it’s action blasted , and stumble upon to the movie theater without even know who the casts are”, this will be shorten to PEST. The PEST  won’t understand anything in this movie, as a lot of references to the old movies were used  in the movie, all of the “yippe kai yay” or the “i’ll be back” or the Chuck Norris jokes won’t be familiar to them, and this movie is filled with that. It even went on to reference some real life information on the actor, like Dolph Lungren, the team said that Gunnar, Dolph Lungren character, had a master degree in Chemical Engineering, which by fact, Dolph Lungren really had one. And that is what the PEST reaction will be like. On the other hand, the people who are familiar with the action stars of the world, it’s great to see a reunion. However, I think the action was a bit dull, they kind of focused too much on referencing the old days, but that is just for the PEST, me! I’m happy to see Arnold with a gun again. The story is pretty nice though, pretty much a general action movie plot so there is really no point of discussing it. There was only one thing that made me a bit angry, being a Jet Li fan since I was young, it’s very sad to see that he took off and stay off very early in the movie. Despite that, It’s extremely fun to watch, all of the cheesy lines were there, It’s just great to see the heroes that we once love, came together and shoot at Jean Claude Van Damme, who I’m convinced, never play an anti-hero role before. Many scenes stood out to me, especially the Chuck Norris joke scene. I admitted, I saw this years ago, when Stallone said that he will included Chuck Norris into the next movie, and when Chuck Norris is in an action movie, that is honoring the old day of action, we knows that a Chuck Norris joke will be heard. The second scene that I love is the scene where. Arnold, and Bruce exchanged their quote together, me, as a fan, love this scene so much, two of my action heroes side by side,  babbling on about each other cheesiness, that is just great, It’s like seeing a say meow and a cat bark, don’t you just love that? There are probably more hidden references in the movie, that didn’t know, but the more movies you watched before this, the more excited you will be.

MY RATE: 9/10


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