I want a Pet Tiger!

When I mention pets, different people have different aspects. People who keep pets know the advantage of them. They are cute and can improve the owner life style, depend on his or her affinity for animals. A lot of people tend to not keep pets, because they can’t financially afford any, or they just think they’re disgusting and don’t want them around their beautiful home. Pets for me is just a decoration in the house that move around, occasionally, we have to feed them, and play with them or they will get lonely and ran away, which I’m convince, always were a miserable drama for a kid. Me! I want a pet tiger, call me crazy, but I think they’re cute. If you don’t know what a tiger is, it is a wild creature with a sharp teeth and orange body. I treated a tiger as a big orange tabby cat, and I want to keep one in my backyard. Hopefully! I feed him in time, and he won’t decide everyone in the house as steaks.

Up to this point a lot of you might think: “What the hell is wrong with this guy! He wanted to be like Scarface or something?” Yes, and No. For anyone who don’t know, in the movie Scarface, Tony Montana keep a tiger in his yard, and prior to the event, he always say he wanted a tiger. I’m kind of like him, but I like tigers because, as cubs, they are adorable, while Tony wants it because it shows power.

I also wanted to collect pets that are endangered, such as Arctic fox, Iberian Lynx, or Cheetah. I think they all deserve to be preserve. Since the human arrival, we just took everything from the world, we took the natural beauty out of Earth, and one day we will Earth will turn on us. We’re savages creature that is overpopulated, I’m not surprise if one day they world will be gone, I just hope I’m not around to see it. I wanted to keep those animals, simply because they are CUTE.

PS: Forget about the melodramatic on the last paragraph, we still got tons of crap to use and other thing to worry about. And as I quote: “I just like them because they’re CUTE”


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