Mission Statement and Prime Function

sony_logoMost public companies have their own mission statements, they often are in a phrasal form, and they represent the company overall goal. Mission statements usually are permanent, but prime function, the current affair, can change overtime, mostly due to the popular demands.

Mission statement gives the company a public image, and it can deliver a unique impression about the company to the consumers. Mission statement contains the key market, purpose, and individuality. Key market means it primary target. Purpose means what kind of service they produce, and individuality served as a distinction of the company. For instance, Apple: “Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software.” The Key market would be computer users as they stated: “the best personal computers”, the purpose of Apple mission statement is to sell computers hardware and software, finally the individuality of the company would be to design the best computers, and revolutionize the way of computer usage. A mission statement should be clear and direct, this allows customers to skim it and get the full meaning of it. Unlike mission statement, prime function will change inevitably.

mcdonalds-logoPrime function doesn’t usually stay put, a company will change their prime function to fit with the current world, and so they can continue to make profit. Prime function will acted as a trading source to the organization or franchise, not a lot of customers still “live in the past” so most companies adapt to the contemporary market to insure there profitability. Sony is good example of active prime functioning. 20 years ago, they analyze the world needs for a portable music player, so they released the Sony Walkman, later on cd came put, so they switched to Walkman CD, then they see Nintendo value rocket after the release of the SNES, they created the Sony Playstation. In 2006, Steve Jobs introduce the Apple Iphone, and after that, every major telecommunication company, including Sony, released their own repertoire of smart phones.

Prime Function and mission statement are closely linked to each other. Prime function always changes, and mission statement may follow the same path. However, some major companies never change their slogan. Nike slogan was always: “Just Do It”, but they first sell shoes, then they swap to underwear, and now they started to sell sport equipment, and fashionable clothes. So Nike prime function indeed changed, but their mission statement stayed the same, mostly because they stayed on the same branch of market all the time. In contrast, McDonald mission statement changes annually due to their introduction of new products. “Have you had your break today? We all need to get away. There’s one place that’s on your way, McDonald’s is your break today” is a famous slogan lasted for 2 years, and then they change it to “I’m lovin it”, this changed because of their wider range of food that isn’t name “Mac” anymore, their prime function change from just hamburgers and drinks to sandwiches, and full meal. This had cause their mission statement shifted a lot throughout the years. In conclusion, mission statements keep the company image popular, and it can affect the prime function over the year due to the continuous changes in the worlds


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