Another Hollywood Divorce: Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs.

According to TMZ, The Hollywood/Broadway Couple Idina Menzel (or John Travolta: Adele Nazeem) and Taye Diggs have now finally settle their divorce. Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs have been married for the last 10 years of marriage and the divorce was quitely made on December 3, 2014, one month after Taye issue a divorce petition. Walker Nathaniel Diggs, the two five years old son is now in the amidst of his parent divorce. Idina and Taye express their concern over this dilemma.

Last June, Taye Diggs speak about the splitting of the couple in an interview with Redbook, claiming that he was not baffled by the public reaction to their separation: “There weren’t a lot of couples like us in the theater community,” he said. “It was easy for people to root for us.” Diggs made a public appearance with new girlfriend, model Amanza Smith Brown, last June at the BET Awards”

Idina Mensel also talked to Redbook joking said that she is open for dating, but only after midnight, she said, it sounded like she is “slutty” in this way.

I have heard about this couple wanting to separate a long time ago. A lot of rumors broke out about their conflict with each other, and the cap is finally sealed on the top of the bottle. I am not really surprise that this is the end of the couple, as a matter of facts, Hollywood divorces are now so normal that if a couple break-up, it is not a major surprise for me anymore; more or less. I am a genuine fan of both actors, and they seem to be a perfect couple! Well! There singing sound harmonic together. I just hope both can “Let It Go”. Get it!?


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