Jackie Chan Marathon III: Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1978)

MV5BMTMxODA5Mzc3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTEzMDYyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL_ Movie Overview:

This is one them Jackie Chan’s movie that nobody really heard about. The distribution were limited and the production are very stocked in its nature. This Jackie Chan piece falls into the vast collection of Chinese kung fu movie that did not really make effort to become a classic. Despite that, the movie had a few attractive point. The first of course being Jackie Chan, picking up this movie today, you can help but think! Wow a Jackie Chan movie that is this old, I cannot wait. Another point of interest is the screen writer Ya Yang Liu. He is notable for authoring numerous kung-fu film. Other than that, there is nothing that may tickle or movie sense.

Plot Overview:

Jackie Chan stars as the young warrior Hsu Yiu Fong. Hsu has been entrusted with the book of the “Art of the Snake and Crane,” after the mysterious disappearance of the eight Shaolin Masters who had written it. He must fight off numerous clans who are all attempting to steal the book from him, to find out the true reason for the disappearance of the Shaolin Masters. Written by Torkel Mathisen <u940213@studbo.hit.no


Movie Review:

To be honest I was surprise about this movie. For a movie that is relatively unpopular, the plot line is actually well structured. I wrote this before, claiming that old Chinese movie like Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin may not have an interesting plot line. I am happy to see that I am wrong. The build up to the story is riveting and enough to keep watchers intrigue. There are not much to discuss though, the choreography and the atmosphere of the movie are pretty run-of-the-mill type of scene. The sound affect falls within the same description as they are typical. The fight scene, however, is done pretty well, but like I mentioned above, it is normal and there is nothing special about it. Jackie Chan signature style was not procure in this movie, but nonetheless, his athleticism is shown throughout the movie.  In general, the movie is relatively fun and interesting to watch, but do not expect much from it. Atypical Chinese Kung-Fu movie

One scene I like in the movie was the restaurant fight scene. It was well choreographed and does not lack of the speed and the integrity that Chinese kung-fu movie is known for. Jackie also show off some great martial art skills and athleticism through his fight scenes and training montage. But most of his movies have scene that were much more impressive than them.

MY RATE: 7/10


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