Ricky Martin Goes To Heaven After Death

A video claiming the singer Ricky Martin has died in a fatal accident on the Los Angeles highway. The news was quickly latched fan as with many hoax out there, as fans share the video in anguish and confusion. This is not the first time that a celebrity was caught under the fire of death hoax. To be frank, EVERYBODY dies in the Internet, several times! In creative ways. I mean I told my friends I died several times in the past, the only problem was: I TOLD them I died.

Nonetheless, the apparently hoax news was also caught on with the singer himself and he react in the most creative way possible. While other celebrities just simply Tweeted or added a Facebook Status saying : ” I am not dead! People!”. Ricky send photos of him going to heaven, which apparently have beaches and sunset. And they allow fresh members to wear sunglasses.  I just think this is coolest way to fight off a hoax, and I am waiting for the next death hoaxes.

RickyHeaven RickyHeaven2


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