Ip Man 3 (2016)

ipman3newposterMovie Overview:

Martial Art movie is such a unique gem in the Asian history of cinema. whenever a conversation headed towards the Asian cinematic world, we immediately think of beautifully crafted martial art master piece. Ip Man is certainly one of them. The first two movie was packed with action and memorable moral story. I expect nothing less from the third movie, and there are even more pull factors in this movie than the last two. One major attraction is the addition of Mike Tyson; Now, I am an avid follower of Boxing, and there is certainly no bigger names in boxing than Mike Tyson. Although, I doubt that his acting skill would lend him a lengthy role in this movie. But, I don’t think any of us watch Tyson for his great acting. Max Zhang is also in the movie, and through a bit of research, he seem to be a great actor with a highly skilled wushu background. He was in SPL II with Tony Jaa and Wu Jing, and share a final Triple Threat fight against the duo.  And of course, the return of the true Ip Man actor himself, Donnie Yen. He is a great actor, with such high level Wushu and a charming personality. Donnie Yen is one of my favorite actor coming out of China, and much like Jackie Chan. I probably watch nearly all of his movie.

Plot Overview:

When a band of brutal gangsters led by a crooked property developer make a play to take over the city, Master Ip is forced to take a stand.

11816952_10153550368449174_5865302299110702292_nMovie Review:

The movie indeed takes on another perspective of Yip Man’s life. This time it juggles the story between life morals and justice. Although, the director claimed that this movie shows the more sentimental side of Yip Man life, the previous installment did follow the same path. With that in mind, the third movie mirrored the result of the last two films in that it is a joy to watch the action as well as compelled by the story arc. Nevertheless, the choreography is a bit choppy in this third installment, more cuts and special effects were used which sort reduced the ferocity of the fighters. This is to be expected since Donnie Yen is already in his early 50 and things tend to slow down and hurt more at that age. However, it still astoundingly done and a lot of fight scenes standout. The story is your typical “family-first” moral story, with Yip Man needing to balance his lifestyle out. This is sort of the story of the first movie already, but the message is much stronger in this one. I think the film balance the story and the action expertly, something that is very hard to do in a movie. My mike-tyson-challenges-donnie-yen-in-ip-man-3praise goes to the screen writer. Donnie Yen once again show us his capability to portray a variety of emotion as well as his athleticism, a true actor well-into his craft. Max Zhang although new to the cinema world make a good impact in the movie as a man wanting to challenge Yip Man to prove his Wing Chun skill. He could be a household name sometime in the future. The Mike Tyson cameo probably is the main attraction for the audiences in America and Europe. The director did keep his authentic style of boxing the “Peekaboo”,  and the movie show off his power and speed to a great level. Yip Man probably face his toughest opponent in this movie. However, in reality, Mike Tyson probably can floor Donnie Yen pretty fast seeing as how he is a professional fighter and 3 weight classes above Yen. Nevertheless, the movie remain true to its craft in that it is a action biography with a moral story to tell. The movie can play with the audience emotion with some of its heartbroken scene, while thrill them with the choreography.

As a fan of boxing, the scene with Mike Tyson stand out to me. I am not going to comment on Mike Tyson acting, because as mentioned above, people do not watch him for his acting. The choreography between Yip Man and Mike Tyson was very well done indeed. It was speedy and furious, showing both the strength of Mike Tyson and the Agility of Yip Man. It is a shame that the scene ended a bit short, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. With it carefully crafted story, the movie felt fast, despite run time of nearly 2 hours. The story is riveting and very emotionally impactful. Yet, I do feel like it used the same formula of the last two movies, both the choreography and story arc.



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